Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!! TRANSFER NEWS!!!! (July 18)

It´s been another week already....  and we had transfers yesterday!!!!
ANDDDDDD. I´m staying in ARARAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have a new companion, Sister Feistner.... who is actually from Spokane. Out in the valley by Liberty Lake. Crazy!!!
But, about last week....
Miracle of the week= GUILHERME!!!!!!!!!!
We found Guilherme a few weeks ago when we were doing contacts on the praça (the park in the middle of center). There is always a good amount of people there at night on weekends, so we like to go by and invite people to church and such..... So we were doing that one evening and we were getting ready to head home, when I saw Guilherme.... I noticed him because he is SO TALL. He is about 2 meters tall.... I think that equates to about 6 foot 6 inches..... I saw him standing by a lamp pole and pointed him out to Sister Pedersen. She thought he WAS a lamp pole..... hahaha. But then we went over and talked with him, just invited him to church and asked if we could come by his house sometime to share a message with him. He was super nice and seemed pretty interested.
A week or so later, we were having lunch in an area close to the address he gave us, so Sister Pedersen remembered him, and we decided to pass by. He was sleeping and woke up when we knocked, but when we apologized and said we could come back another day, he just was like "no, no! I´m awake now, and you came all the way out here.... so let me just get some shoes..." haha. So he just grabbed some sandals really quick and came out  and let us teach him sitting on the sidewalk across from his house. It was an awesome lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!! We taught him about the restoration and he LOVED it!!!! He understood everything, said it all made sense and was so excited about the book of mormon and coming to church on sunday! He had gone to several different churches, looking to find the right one.... but never found it. So when we started teaching him, he was so excited- so ready to hear from us!!!!!!! Sister Pedersen and I were freaking out. He is GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!
So, over the last couple weeks we have been teaching him. We taught him about the plan of salvation and he told us how it answered so many of his questions and things he has been wondering about. When we taught him about the commandments, he understood everything, didnt have problems with ANYTHING and completely agreed with everything... including things like the word of wisdom and tithing. which can be tough for some people to accept.
The second lesson we had with him, we asked him if he had prayed and asked if the book of mormon was true and the message of the restoration was true. He was like "I didnt even need to pray and ask... I knew it was true from the minute you started teaching me about it" WHAT?!?!?!? AMAZING.
So, we invited him to get baptized and he said YES!!!!!!!! He just said he would like to go to church first and see what it was like....
We picked him up for his first sunday and he loved it!!!!!!!!! He loved all the classes so much.... He even brought his scriptures and was looking up all the scriptures shared in class or in the talks in Sacrament meeting. AMAZING. And he learned so much that he was so excited about... in our next lesson he shared a lot of the things he learned and liked from church. It was awesome.
So after his first sunday, we asked him again about baptism and being baptized the coming sunday (last sunday). He said he would and that he felt prepared. WHAT??????????? That NEVER happens. But he really was prepared. So prepared, before we ever found him!
And sunday, he was baptized!!!!!!!!!! It was soooooo cool. Holy cow. He was so excited and nervous all through church..... But sooo so happy at the same time. He is such  a happy person. At his baptism, I played a hymn on the violin because he loves folk music, and wanted to hear me play. It was the perfect baptism. Perfect day. Afterwards he was like "I´m never gonna forget today." ahhhhhh. So great!
Well, everything is good here, I cant believe I´ve been out in the field for two transfers already!!! Crazy!!!
I´m excited to get to work with my new comp. and I´ll update you all on all the miracles in a week from now!!!
have the best week!!!
love you all!!!!!!!!
Sister Ward

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