Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life in Jundiai

Hey everybody!!!!!
Well. First off, I cant believe it is pday again!!!! Seems like the weeks are flying by now...... Did I mention that I´ve been on my mission for 7 months now????? yep. Time is flying.
So..... about the week..........
Last monday, we had an activity with the elders-------- churrasco (brazilian bbq), and some futbol. Yep. And Sister Feistner and I both came to the realization that we do not know how to play soccer.............. yikes. hahaha. I need a LOT more practice apparently...... How are these brazilians so talented with their feet?? holy cow.
Tuesday, we had our zone meeting in the morning and then it POURED almost all day..... Makes it great fun to work in the rain...... No people on the street to talk to, no one wants to open their doors, no one wants to  let dripping missionaries into their house..... hahaha. ALSO, we have a little "quintal" in front of our house (just a little cement area where we have our washing machine and clothes lines... We found out that when it rains a lot, that little area becomes a LAKE. hahahaha. It´s a really good thing that our house is just a little step up from the level of the quintal because if not, our house would have been a lake as well...... hahaha.
About Rodolfo---
He is really working hard and progressing!!! He has a lot of desire to do whats right and to learn and wants to understand EVERYTHING completely..... We are having to really work hard to help him understand, and trying to break up our lessons more and focus on smaller topics. Things like prayer are just completely foreign to him and really hard for him to do..... He also starts to get way overwhelmed when we are introducing new topics and he doesnt get it yet..... He is making a lot of progress, and reading a LOT in the book of mormon, but it is going to take him a while to learn everything.
This week, he didnt come to church again!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO. He lives about 5 blocks from the chapel, so it was really frustrating that he stood us up again... We got to his house to pick him up and he had just left us a note on the gate that said he "sister ward and feistner. I´m not coming to church today" AGHHHHHHH. Turns out, he just stayed home and did nothing all day!!! Last night we were bummed that he had just stood us up for no reason, and didnt know what to even teach him or say to him..... He also hadnt read the chapters we marked for him the night before. So, we ended up just turning to one of the chapters that we had marked--- Alma 42 and read it with him. As we were reading about adam and eve, the fall, our purpose in our lives and the atonement, we would stop and talk through what was going on every couple verses. At one point, Rodolfo stopped us and was just like "wow.... wow. I think that if I had read this yesterday  like I was supposed to, I would have gone to church today....."  It was awesome, because as we were reading with him, the chapter was answering a lot of his questions..... he kept having little moments of revalation while we were all sitting there reading around his kitchen table. Towards the end of the chapter, he started to get stressed and overwhelmed with all the things he DOESNT know or understand yet..... Sister Feistner was just like, its okay, lets just keep going.... AND, what do you know, the next verse was alma telling his son to not worry. To not worry about the things that he doesnt understand, but to just trust in the lord and leave his sins behind and repent. Afterwards, Rodolfo was a little taken aback and  just started laughing..... It is amazing how the scriptures can answer our questions!!
Thursday this week, we were able to have a lesson with the lady  that I talked to at the little restaurant last week--Edilma......... She is way cool. We taught about the restoration, and it all went really well, until we got to Joseph Smith and the book of mormon...... That really freaked her out for some reason. You should have seen her face..... Sister Feistner was tempted to stop the lesson just to take a picture.... (dont worry, we didnt of course. ). It was frustrating that it stressed her out so much, because she is really an AWESOME investigator. She wants to find a church to be baptized in, but has never found a church that she completely agrees with. She studies the bible and has a lot of faith in God..... But the book of mormon especially weirded her out.... She was like "why werent the book of mormon and the bible just written together??"  ahhhh. But, she was very nice and said that she would read it and pray about it. So hopefully she does.
That was also a frustrating lesson for me, because some how in there, I got way nervous and uncomfortable and just lost it.... couldnt teach for almost the entire lesson. Then when I tried to talk about the book of mormon and bear my testimony, it was like I couldnt speak portuguese at all and had just arrived in the mission field all over again. AGH. Those moments are the worst!!!! Hopefully it goes better when we meet with Edilma this week....
So last week, I was all excited because Fernando just appeared out of nowhere and came to church. We marked to meet with him this past week in the chapel, but he ended up never showing up.... Later, he called us and apologized and explained how he got a job and was working every day.... Sundays as well. NOOOOOOOOO!!! And he didnt really have any time to meet with us... even though he had read the chapter in the book of mormon that  I marked for him!! ..... It is the worst when AWESOME, prepared investigators drop you!!!
BUT, thankfully, the story doesnt end there....... Sunday, we went into the chapel for sacrament meeting, and Fernando was standing there!! I was like "you´re here!!" Turns out, he worked all this past week, and just didnt feel good about it and decided to quit and look for something else. He said  it didnt really make sense, cause it was a good job, but he felt like he should quit..... WHAT??!!! We of course, jumped on that one to explain how important it is to come to church on sunday, and maybe God was leading him  to something better that would make him able to come to church each week.... We marked to meet with him at the chapel after church in the evening. And he really is as prepared and awesome as it seemed!!! Wow. We started talking to him about everything.... He walks past the church fairly often, and saw the sign saying "visitors welcome" and just decided to come check it out one sunday. When the sisters before us where still here, he came a few times, and came to watch general conference, but they were never able to teach him because he had a different job and was too busy.... He started telling us how much he likes church and how he always HAS to come back because of how he feels at church. He told us that the feeling doesnt  last throughout the entire week, and by the time the  next weekend rolls around, he  is just dying to feel it again. AH! We explained how he was feeling the spirit and talked about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost and how when he is baptized and receives the gift of the holy ghost, he will be able to feel that feeling ALWAYS, as long as he lives worthily. Then we were like "is that something you want to have?". YES. AHHHH!!!!
We ended up just talking with him and answering his questions for a good 45 minutes..... He understands SO MUCH!! It was amazing! He would bring up a topic, and then basically answer his own questions before we could explain it!! He also BROUGHT UP the topic of tithing (a sometimes iffy subject) and was like "so, can I start paying my tithing right now? or do I have to wait till I´m baptized??" WHAT??!! This guy is amazing!! So we explained all about tithing as well....
Then we taught him about the restoration. As we taught, he was just hanging on every word.... SOAKING it up.
We invited him to be baptized, and he said that he wants to!! He just wants  to prepare and think about it a little more first.... But we marked to meet with him and help him prepare every night this week. WOOO!! and he was excited about it!!! hahah. MAN. I am SO excited!!!! It is so AWESOME to have people to teach!!!! YAY!!
OH. And this week, we were able to find people to leave and work with us!!! MIRACLES!!!! Seriously though, it was so great. We were even able to do a division  for an hour because we had TWO people that we got to leave with us. !!!! Yep. Slowly winning over the ward here. No big deal. =]
But we had about 4 people tell us to make sure and mark with them to leave with us again this week..... Wooo!! Its gonna be a blast.
Funny story:
At church on sunday, one of the speakers started quoting that song "walk tall you´re a daughter" in her talk.... In portuguese, the chorus goes something like this: "levanta cabeça, és filha de deus..." When I heard that, I didnt quite hear it right  and thought she said "esfiha" instead of "és filha"..... "esfiha" is the name for these little mini-pizza things that they make here, so I couldnt help laughing..... right in the middle of sacrament meeting. Woops. "lift up your head, mini-pizza of god...." yep. You all would have laughed as well. Just admit it. I then decided to share the joy and wrote it down on my planner for Sister Feistner to understand as well.......... So we had two immature, disruptive sister missionaries in our sacrament meeting this week.... Oh well.
So, this week we got a phone call from our old district leader in Araras. He was calling us on his way back to their area after doing the baptismal interview of one of the investigators that we taught- Larissa. She was planning to be baptized this past sunday!!! WOOOOOOOOO! So hopefully, all went well and she was baptized. She is Guilherme´s(who got baptized there in july...) little sister and we taught her for the entire time Sister Feistner and I were in Araras. She wanted to get baptized while we were there, but her mom wouldnt let her. This last week, the elders went out there and talked with her and took a member from the ward with them. Turns out they  were like long-lost cousins or something, and now her mom wants to come check out the church, and decided to let Larissa be baptized! AH!!! WE GOT SO EXCITED!!! =]
Have the best week!!! Love you all so  much!!
Sister Ward

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