Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hey There My Lovely Family! (Mar. 11)

Well, about my week really quick....
This week was good, but really hard, and really hot. I´m learning a lot......... because of all of our difficulties really.... Yep. I had the realization this week that Heavenly Father is trying to teach me that I can't always get what I want just cause I put in the effort..... Maybe trying to teach me that I can't have success in everything. Maybe trying to teach me humility.
Not exactly sure yet, but there is a big lesson here that I apparently haven´t learned yet.... Hopefully I learn it quick so we can have some success here.
Well. This week was hard with our investigators. They all pretty much stopped progressing this week...........
Kesia and Michael are super busy and we haven´t even been able to get a hold of them, and they didnt come to church......... hopefully it is just cause of some crazyness in Kesia´s job this weekend, but we know nothing.
We marked baptism with Robson this week for saturday March 16th, but then on Thursday he told us that he doesnt want to get baptized anymore cause he feels like he is getting baptized for the wrong reasons.... Feels like he hasnt been "touched by the spirit" yet with the desire to be baptized.... HMMM.
We found a lot of really cool people.... A girl named Sarah in particular, when we went back to her house after teaching the first lesson and leaving a Book of Mormon, we asked if she read and prayed and SHE HAD. And she had a really special, personal, spiritual experience and said that she felt that it is all true. AH! It was really cool, because these type of answers is what we have been praying for, praying for this to happen with our investigators.... BUT, the next time that we went to teach her, she was waiting at the bus stop as we were coming down her street, then before we could get there, we had to watch her get on the bus and leave! AH. Turns out, her grandma decided that she doesnt have time to see us, and since we were teaching sarah with her grandma at her grandma´s house, Sarah just went home..... And we´ve tried to call her, but no one answers. COOL.
We taught another mom and daughter that are really special..... But they canceled our appointments with them twice, and bailed on going to church at the last second...... ahhhh. so frustrating!!! hopefully, we can help them and figure out the problem this week so they can come with us to church next week.....
BEST thing of the week,
Rodrigo, a less-active member we have been visiting since I got here, has been coming back to church for about a month now, and Sunday, he had an interview with the bishop to recieve a calling in the ward. AH!!! I´m SO excited for him!! It is so great to see that we helped someone in our time here!!
We bought ant killer this morning at the store..... YEAH! Now I can spray and kill all those stupid little ants in our house that climb all over my desk and drive me crazy!!!
Also, we had an activity with the elders in our chapel today.... we made food and played BASKETBALL out on the court that they have at our church building..... DO YOU ALL KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE I´VE PLAYED BASKETBALL???? Yep, that´s right, a lonngggg time. It was fun. We even taught Sister Moraes how to shoot hoops a little bit.... since basketball is pretty rare here, she doesnt have very much experience..... Even less than me guys, and that´s saying something. haha.
AND just for you all to remember..... Thursday this week will be my ONE YEAR mark on the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, how time is FLYING....... Dont even know how it is happening..... crazy.
Well, officially super late and got to go.........
I love you all!!!
have the best week!
Sister Ward

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