Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Life is Flying By Faster Than I Can See (Mar. 4)

Hey everyone!!

This week was soooo good!!
Okay, so it wasnt a perfect week, but I loved it!
And the weeks are just FLYING by right now!!! ahk. Can you believe it is
March??? How did that happen??? I feel like it is still December folks....

Some stuff from this week:
1) Officially obsessed/in love with the little music box that i bought to
play MUSIC everyday.... church/EFY/Mormon Tabernacle Choir music has never been so
exciting. Let me tell you....
2) Got kissed on the forehead by a drunk Italian man this
week.............. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! After shaking my hand
(like normal people when talking to missionaries...) he decided to put his
hand behind my head and PULLED me towards him so he could kiss my cheek
(normal greeting here folks---as long as your´re not a missionary...).
Sadly, he was a lot stronger than me (AND my companion who started pulling
on him as well when she saw what was going down....) and the best I could
do was duck, so he ended up kissing me on the forehead. ACK. Worst moment
3) After having my companion make fun of me and my extreme lack of skills
when it comes to ironing clothes,  I decided to overcome this challenge and
learn how to iron properly. Yep. That's right. This morning I ironed ALL of
my clean clothes. And nobody died. Miracles are real!!!!
4) Got to play a violin for about 5 minutes. It was a bittersweet moment.
Great to play, but terrible to realize how much I´ve forgotten and try to
make my stiff fingers move.... yikes. Don't worry. When I get home I will
lock myself in a closet for two months, just me and the violin.... and all
will be well. =]
5) We had our interviews with president this week. And it was great.
Got to ask him all of my questions and probably took way more time
than i should have. hahah.

And about our work this week.........
we are teaching Robson and he is doing well. He is still waiting for the
8th of March to get his "answer". But he is reading and praying everyday,
so that is a start.

This week, we invited just Michael to have a family night with us at Aline
and Diogo´s house again. Probably the most genius idea we have had yet.....
Our biggest difficulty with Kesia and Michael is just finding time in
Kesia´s busy schedule to teach them.... SO, we realized that we could teach
Michael during the week when she is working if we could just figure out a
place to teach him... BOOM--- At Aline and Diogo´s apartment which is only
a BLOCK from their house!! PERFECT. And Diogo and Aline are AMAZING and the
perfect members to help him, since they are all already friends and Michael
thinks Diogo is the bomb. We ended up teaching him about the plan of
salvation (link). It was a great lesson. He asked us more questions in that lesson
than any other investigator I have taught.... And this coming from a 14
year old. WOW. What 14 year old kid is that interested to know this kind of
stuff???? it was a really good thing that Diogo was there to help us out
with these questions.... holy cow. Some really deep questions about
pre-earth life, about the purpose of life, about the spirit world, about
temples, about being sealed as a family, about the resurrection...... This
kid is so smart!!

Yesterday, we invited Kesia and Michael to watch a baptism service that
took place in our chapel, of two investigators that the elders in another
area were teaching. It was really cool. At church and at the baptismal
service, I felt the spirit so strong and I know they felt it too.
Afterwards, we had arranged to teach Kesia alone at the chapel while the
men were all watching the general Priesthood broadcast. Teaching her by
herself, there at the chapel was the best thing ever. It was amazing. We
were teaching about the commandments and the spirit was so strong! It is
amazing the testimony that she has of most of the commandments, for
example, with tithing. Her experiences are insane!! She shared with us two
very powerful experiences that showed her the importance of tithing and the
blessings that come from living the law of tithing. It was so cool. And she
shared how she has been paying tithing faithfully (at another church that
she doesn't even attend.... ) and that she has been feeling for a while that
she needs to start paying her tithing at the Church of Jesus Christ. WELL.
had to explain to her that she would have to be baptized first.....
ha. What other investigator tells us that they WANT to pay tithing
before they´re even baptized??
Some of the other commandments, she had some doubts.... but she opened
up with us and shared a lot of her doubts and thoughts and reasonings
about the commandments that she thought would be a lot more
We also talked about baptism again. Always. haha. And, if you all
remember, back when we took her to the temple, she talked with our
zone leader and marked March 10th as her potential baptism date.... So
we invited her once again to be baptized on the 10th, this Sunday. She
still feels like she hasn't received a specific answer yet........ We
shared how we have been praying and fasting for her to get her answer
and she shared with us some really special experiences and Sister
Moraes as well.... It was really spiritual, and they were both crying
(but not me..... once again, think I must not have a heart or
something....) In the end, we knelt and prayed with her, and she asked
for strength to live the word of wisdom and give up coffee, and asked
to know if she should be baptized March 10th. It was a really special
moment and a really special lesson.... Afterwards, we explained about
priesthood blessings and she asked for a blessing... Since the
priesthood session had just ended, there were still a bunch of
priesthood holders in the chapel, and one of the counselors in the
Stake Presidency gave her a blessing. It was really powerful.
I know that the Lord has big plans for Kesia and she is such a
special, amazing person. Now, the only thing stopping her is for her
to receive and recognize the answer from Heavenly Father that this is
what she needs to do....

I need to finish up real quick.

I hope you all have the best week!
I´m so happy to be here and to have these opportunities to help people
to feel and recognize the Spirit in their lives!

Love you all!
Sister Ward

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