Sunday, June 23, 2013

Staying again in Campinas 3! (Feb. 11)

Hey family!!

Well, gonna start it off with our transfer news................. Sister Moraes and I are staying here in Campinas 3!!!! WOOOOOO!
So, this transfer will be 5 weeks long..... and we are gonna work our butts off and have the best transfer ever!!! Yep. Excited??? you should be. 

This week was good. 
We worked hard all week and had some miracles! WOOOO!

Firstly, we´ve been working with Robson. We taught him about the plan of salvation and he always has a ton of questions about it.... About his dad that just passed away a few weeks ago, and baptisms for the dead and the purpose of this life and stuff like that. He also told us that he wants to get baptized and the only thing in the way is him having to "change" a lot of things in his life.... we´ll see about that. It´s been a little hard to teach him because we have been teaching him with his mom..... and his mom talks A LOT. She also doesn't agree with a lot of what we say and teach, so Robson gets all quiet and she just talks the whole time.... arghhh. It isn't until she´ll leave the room to go bring us something to eat that we can "really teach". 
The third day that we taught Robson this week, he had a lot of questions.... about the restoration and authority and why people need to be baptized AGAIN, when they join the church.... As well as more questions about the spirit world and baptisms for the dead.... It seems like he really gets worked up a lot about what his friends and people are saying for him.... But after we talked about all of his doubts and showed him scriptures, he accepted everything just fine. I hope that this worrying about what others think doesn't get in the way for him....... 
He is progressing really well, and wants to be baptized, but he didn't come to church this Sunday, and I´m not sure why..... 
OH, and his mom loves to make comments about me coming back to Brazil to marry Robson after the mission........ greatttt. And he also asked if I plan on marrying someone who is a member of the church.... Sister Moraes answered that one for me... hahah. 

Wednesday night, we were visiting Joanna Darc and Rodrigo (a less-active mother and son that we have been working with a lot...) and when we went to leave it was raining.... They have a driveway that is made of tile that slopes.... and it gets pretty slippery when it rains..... Yep. Luckily, Rodrigo had already OPENED the garage-type door BEFORE I slipped down the ramp and fell on my butt in the rain..... It was great. hahah. But god blessed me with a cushion to fall on, so it was all good. =]
we were all laughing for a good bit afterwards. 

The best part of our week was Saturday........
This week we marked AGAIN to go to the temple with Kesia.... but everytime we had called during the week, she didn't answer (probably was still at work or something...). Saturday morning we called AGAIN.... TWICE..... and no answer.... so we figured that it fell through again.... 
At about 11 am, she called us. Sister Moraes answered and asked her if she still could go... and YES!! 
So we went with Kesia, and her 12 year old son that we don't know very well- Caio, to the temple. It was really REALLY cool. She loved it. There is such a special spirit on the temple grounds.... She also loved the little store there.... I think she was more excited about buying church books, Liahonas and stuff than most members. hahah. 
We also got to talk to her about the plan of salvation and temple work.... She already knows EVERYTHING.  Its insane how she already knows everything!! 
While we were at the temple, one of our zone leaders was there waiting for other investigators to show them around the temple grounds and talked to Kesia and asked to interview her for baptism. We got a little nervous--- didn't know how she would take that since we haven't been able to hardly TALK to her for the last few weeks, but it was probably the best thing that could have happened.... She really liked it! and I think it helped her a lot..... She marked to prepare for March 10th to be baptized!!!!
She only needs more time because she drinks coffee, and still wants an "answer" that the church is true. She has had a lot of little answers over the years, but she wants a BIGGER answer, something extroardinary.... HMMM. So we talked to her a lot about prayer and shared experiences with her. Sister Moraes told her about how she had prayed our first Sunday in the area for the Lord to send a woman prepared to be baptized to sacrament meeting that week.... and Kesia just showed up out of nowhere!!! When she was telling about the experience, Sister Moraes and Kesia were both crying.... (not me, I don't have feelings.... hahah). But it was really cool. Kesia really felt in that moment how she was an answer to our prayers. And how she is truly prepared to be baptized. She also said that she is going to be more specific in her prayers to get an answer, and hopefully that will help. 
She also really opened up to us and told us a lot about her life, her past, and her thoughts on everything..... Which really helps because now we know better where she is coming from, to know how to help her better.
ALSO, it is CRAZY how she has changed in her opinions in the time that she has been coming to church.... The first time we taught her, she basically told us that she WOULDN'T be baptized. Ever. That she didn't see how it was necessary for her to be baptized again..... NOW, she wants to and is excited! Is planning for March 10th and said that if she gets an answer sooner, or feels  ready sooner, she´ll get baptized before then. WOOOOO!! 
I am SO excited to help her, and Michael, Caio and Cristian this transfer!!!! we´re gonna have some real MIRACLES this transfer!! 
OH and Michael went with all the youth to the campout over the Carnaval weekend. YEAH. =]

Other miracles---
A random family that we have never met just SHOWED UP at church on Sunday.... said that they have been looking for a church to  join and decided to come!! sadly, they are not from our area, but some elders are gonna have a huge blessing with that family!!
ALSO, an inactive woman came to church with her 5 kids! She wants us to teach them so they can be baptized, and 3 of them are old enough to be baptized!! wooo!! she also doesn't live in our area, but works here and is looking for a house here!!! So we are going to start teaching them!! 
IT WAS CRAZY to have so many people show up at church!!! ahhh!! 

I love you all so much!!!
have the best week!!!

ps. I will hit the 11 MONTH mark this week!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Can you believe it?

Sister Ward

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