Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pancakes American Style (Feb. 25)

The week here went well..........

Dont know if coca-cola has been doing this in the states, but they´ve been doing a coca-cola zero promotion with names, cities/states on the can. I have been trying to find my name for a while, but never had any luck.... Then this week, we went to lunch at a restauraunt with the elders after our zone meeting. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW, there is a coca-cola with MY NAME on it sitting in the soda cooler!!! AH! How cool is that?????!!!

We taught Robson a few times........ We taught him about the commandments. When we taught about the word of wisdom, I was way surprised... because he doesnt drink, smoke or drink coffee!! WHAT? Apparently he stopped drinking coffee as a kid because it started to make him sick, and stopped drinking as a teenager cause he wanted to be more physically fit to do hip-hop dancing.... Okay. cool. We also watched the restoration video with him. It was really cool, it helped him soooo much to understand better about Joseph Smith and the restoration... He said that he believes everything we´ve taught him, but that he still hasnt got an answer to his prayers...
He also told us that he wont get baptized until after March 8th. Apparently he made a "promise" with God and if God helps him with something (wouldnt say what...) in his life, he will get baptized, and if not...... who knows. But apparently this thing he asked for will only happen on March 8th......
I tried to explain to him how God blesses us when we keep His commandments, and not before, but he still didnt want to change his mind....
Kesia and Michael and family are doing well........... We werent able to teach them again this week, but they came to our pancake activity and to church on Sunday..... All three boys came with Kesia to the activity!! And Sunday, Michael, Christian, and one of Kesia´s friends came with her to church! During sacrament, I sat with Michael and he started going off with questions during the ENTIRE meeting! man this kid is smart! I made a little card with a drawing of the plan of salvation this week and he started asking questions about it and I ended up teaching almost the entire plan of salvation to him there in sacrament meeting. This kid has questions for everything.... goodness. I didnt have answers for about half of his questions.... But Michael is GOLDEN, he wants to know everything!!! And he is such a good kid!! all the leaders are so impressed with him at church and during the camp-out that he went to with the other youth.... He is smart, polite, obedient and friends with everyone. He is always helping out and wants to learn everything. I´m so excited for him, Kesia and their entire family!
This week, me and my companion were interviewed for TV!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. We were just walking, minding our own business---okay not really, more like walking and inviting people to come to church, when my companion went up to two guys passing out magazines. Turns out, they were passing out magazines for a religious TV program?? Legião da boa vontade??  Something like that...They gave us their magazine and we gave them a pamphlet about the restoration... =] THEN, as we are talking with them, a group of people with a big video camera came up to us and they were like "well, actually, we want to INTERVIEW you for our telivision interview...." WHAT.? So.... somehow, we got roped into bearing our testimonies to be aired on TV..... AH. Dont know if they will actually air everything that we said..... BUT, there is a fairly good chance that they´ll at least play a clip of me saying EVERYTHING wrong in portuguese (I got nervous okay!!!) just to show off how their magazine reaches AMERICAN missionaries from other churches! AH.
They made us sign a little peice of paper afterwards and everything, so this business is serious. ack.
We also had our activity with pancakes!!!! OH GOODNESS. We got there at about 5pm just to get everything ready.... We cooked pancakes from about 6 until 8 pm.... And there was a TON of people there!! When it was time to eat the pancakes, they killed them all off in about 20 minutes.... hahaha. But it was a hit!

Our pancake activity! There was a good 50 people there!!! WOOOOOOO!! and ten investigators!!!!!! A record night!! This is when we were still making more pancakes.....
Irmão Jair, our ward mission leader that organized EVERYTHING for the activity

Irmã Thiana helping with the pancakes
Me and Rafael with some of the ingredients for the pancakes.......... check out the big pot of maple syrup back on the stove!! the syrup was a hit!!!! Think we got signed up to make pancakes with maple syrup for about 6 families when we eat or have family nights with them.... hahah.

BTW, my companion is a pancake-making PRO. She PERFECTED making pancake batter that night!!! And please remember that Brazilians don't make these type of pancakes! Pancakes here are like crepes and they put meat and stuff inside and sauce on top and serve them like enchiladas.... totally different.
OH and the big news!!
Maybe you all have already seen/heard something about this on the church website..... But our mission is going to divide!!! 58 new missions were announced world wide last week---7 in Brasil... And one will be the Brazil Piracicaba mission! The Piracicaba mission will take a large part of our mission, as well as some areas in the Riberão Preto mission.... Araras for example will be part of the new Piracicaba mission, while my other areas--Jundiaí and Campinas will be in the Campinas mission still. This also means that I might end my mission in a different mission!!! Ah! They will have to divide the current missionaries between the two missions, so it is very likely that a lot of us will be sent to the Piracicaba mission. Me and Sister Moraes might be serving in DIFFERENT MISSIONS here in a few months!! How crazy is that?!
Well. Hope you all are doing well!!
have the best week!
Sister Ward

my favorite thing to do in English class!!! hahah. We reviewed the alphabet in English class this week and I made them all practice by guessing letters for hangman ONLY with English pronounciation. heheh. It was great. They all love to make fun of me cause I only enjoy it when the sentence is hard enough that I get to hang at least half of a man..... hahaha. It is called "forca" in Portuguese (FORK-UH)

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