Monday, June 24, 2013

Our HOTT Week in Campinas (Feb. 18)

Hey there family!!
hope you all had a good week!

It was a good, REALLY HOT week here in Campinas 3........... 
11 months celebration this week!!!! WOOOOO! my companion, sister moraes celebrated NINE MONTHS this week as well! yep. We´re gonna make some pastels to celebrate later today! 

Monday night we got to say goodbye to Sister Paixão before she took her flight HOME, super-early tuesday morning..... She and her companion came and slept over in our house since they were working in Jundiaí--- far from the airport... And so we bought a pizza and had a party! hahah. woooo! I´m gonna miss that girl. 
after our last night with Sister Paixão..... all stylish and ready to go HOME..... ahhhh. oh, and eating the egg and cheese sandwich I made for her.... yes thats right, I got up at 5 in the morning just to make her an egg and cheese sandwich. True love. 

This week was Carnaval--------- maybe you all have heard of it.... The crazy huge festival that happens in Rio de Janeiro every year? It is what Mardi-gras is based off of I think... Anyways, nothing too crazy happens here, but it is a holiday for almost the entire week, so a lot of people travel, or stay at home and have parties---- AKA, the people who are actually still here are at home/in the street drunk. Fun right? 
Makes missionary work interesting anyways.... 
English class. We had a grand total of 40 people in english class this week................. OH MY GOODNESS. And that is with a whole ton of people absent because of the carnaval holiday week...... oh boy. 15 of the people this thursday were brand-new first-timers................. This english class is gonna KILL ME!!! 
Robson is the guy on the right side, with a backwards baseball hat and the number 22 on his shirt, Jenifer--in the purple on the far left is from a different ward nearby and comes to teach and knock doors with us one day every week, Irmã Aline is kneeling by herself on the left, Valeria--the lady in the back in the pink shirt lives across the street from us and taught me and sister paixão how to play some brasilian music on the guitar on our pdays, Irmã Monica is on the right side in a striped black and white shirt-- she is SO COOL! I love their family! They have a pizzaria and always want us to come by at night to eat pizza with them----sooooo gooooddddd, and Patricia is in the blue shirt next to Valeria--- we taught her a while back but she´s been SUPER busy lately and we havent been able to teach her again yet.... this week hopefully will work out for her..... 

We were able to teach Robson again this week..... He is progressing well! We taught him with a member couple-- Diogo and Aline this week. We were gonna teach him about the commandments, but he had a hard time with what we left him to read in the Book of Mormon and didn't understand much, so we changed our plans and read and discussed with him the chapter we marked---3 Nephi 11. It was REALLY good that we did....... He still has a lot of doubts about a LOT of stuff.... about the restoration, authority, baptism, baptism for the dead, etc..... He is still having a hard time with all the doubts he has had since the first day we started teaching him... I think the problem is that he hasn't put enough effort into praying and trying to get an answer, a personal testimony.... When we met with him that night, he STILL hadn't prayed and asked... Not even once! so we talked about that and committed him to praying and asking specifically about baptism and about the restoration. 
Since then, the other times we´ve met with him, he said he has been praying and asking, but hasn't felt anything yet..... Well. We´ll see how we can help him with that one this week....
AS for all of YOU.... if you don't KNOW something is true, GO PRAY AND FIND OUT!!!! It works. I promise. We don't have time to doubt this stuff folks, we need to KNOW and not doubt...

We also had a family night with Kesia, ALL THREE of her sons-- Michael, Caio, and Cristian, at Diogo and Aline´s house last night. It was so good! It was the first time that all three boys have come to anything.... It wasn't anything crazy, just a simple family night--- with prayer, a hymn, a short message, and FOOD! hahah. But the friendship with people in the ward was the thing that was best. Now, hopefully they feel like they have friends in the ward-- that live a block away from them! So perfect! Also, it was cute to see how well-mannered Caio and Michael are. When Aline started to bring out all the food and stuff to make little sandwiches, they got up and went and helped her with it all until it was finished. Then while we were eating, Caio would get up and pass things around to everyone in the room. Awwwww. Cute! 
Also, you guys have NO IDEA how powerful Kesia is.... She shared her testimony about tithing in our gospel principles class and it is INSANE her experiences and strong belief in everything!!  She´s still not a member!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH. How is she not a member yet????! 
I´m so excited for her baptism coming up!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we can help Michael and the boys as well!!! 

Otherwise, we have been spending a lot of time trying to find people to teach..... and knocking doors. YIKES. So far, not too much luck..... nobody seems to want to have us come back, but, we´ll find people soon. don't worry. 

OH!!! And this morning, I made pancakes with maple syrup for me and Sister Moraes!!! hahah. SO GOOD!! I had to practice because this Saturday, we are going to have a big activity and I am going to make American pancakes and maple syrup for the ENTIRE WARD and everyone we invite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Everyone in the ward thinks it´s a joke that I´m gonna cook...... hahah. Probably cause they all think that Americans in general don't know how to cook (probably cause all the American missionaries don't know how to make rice or beans....), and cause I´m always sharing my experiences of trying to make rice and burning it, forgetting the salt, trying to fry potatoes and burning them as well.......... Yep. Good thing Sister Moraes is an awesome cook. ahah. 
But, at least it will maybe get people to come to our activity---- they all are gonna want to see me making a fool of myself cooking hundreds of pancakes!!! 
Wish me luck.... 

one more experience from the week--
We found a family that we went to teach this week. It is a grandma with a whole bunch of kids there.... One of the kids--Guilherme, is 9 and wants to be a famous singer..... And this kid can sing!!! Holy cow! He sang a bunch of songs for us and it was the CUTEST thing! I even recorded one, but I don't think email is cool enough to let me send it to you... He is such a performer, totally getting into it..... He also sang some Justin Beiber for us----- there may have been a couple understandable words in there...... hahaha. But if this kid gets famous someday, just remember that I knew him first!!!!!!!!!! =]
Also, while we were there, the kids ran off to go get some star-fruit from a tree nearby. They gave me a whole TON to try, and one of the kids was like "take some back to France with you!".... wrong country kid..... hahah. Sadly, all this star-fruit was super green and sour cause it wasnt ripe yet.... Yuck. 
instead of the traditional "9months" pregnant belly picture,Sister Moraes took advantage of the opportunity to take a "9 months" picture with a REAL baby.... haha. Little Mateus at church on sunday. 
Well, hope you all have a great week!!!

Miss you all a lot! But, still so glad to be here and working in the Lord´s work!! He is taking care of us here and guiding us everyday. 

love you guys.
Sister Ward

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