Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hi everyone!!

holy mail this week!!! I think some letters got caught up and I got them all at once.... thanks so much!!
Elder Elliott did get your letter!! and he LOVED it!! Thanks. If you want to send one to Elder Gaines... he would love that. He was also one of my "companions" the first week and he's been joking about how he wishes someone would send him a letter.... hahaha

This week has been so good!!! I cant believe that we only have a week left!! LESS THAN A WEEK!!! We leave bright and early tuesday morning!! crazy.
We're trying to work super hard and get the most we can out of our last week here. I'm already sad that we have to leave our amazing teachers!! Irma Korth and Irmao Costa are fantastic!!

So. Funny story of the week..... yesterday morning, sitting at breakfast with our district, Sister Sessions says "oh, Sister Ward, did you know you talk in your sleep??" yes, actually, it has happened before.... But anyways. She hasn't been sleeping well lately and apparently at some time during the night while she was tossing and turning, I said clearly and distinctly "they will come and they will love us." hahahahaha. Oh boy. And I cant remember any dreams or anything that could explain the context for that...... so great. Sister Sessions was pretty freaked out. hahaha.
But proselyting was so good! It was super intimidating, but we were actually able to communicate somewhat with most of the people we talked to!!!! And some of the brazilian ladies we spoke with were sooo sweet!! A cute little old lady was so happy to talk with us and when we gave her a "o livro de mormon" she put it to her heart and told us that we had made her so happy!! =]
That really just made us all super excited to leave. We will learn so much more and so much faster out in the real world. I'm excited for that. Even though it will be super hard.
Today, for our last P-Day, we went to an-all-you-can-eat brazilian barbeque restaurant. IT WAS SO GOOD. Almost our entire district was there as well as Irma Korth and Irmao Costa. It was so fun! And we tried chicken hearts!!! hahaha. I didn't really like them. But they are Irmao Costa's favorite..... he was definitely hoarding the plate.
OH. and Irma Korth came to the temple with us today!! Which was SO GREAT. I love her so much. She knows just exactly what to say to make us think or to help us feel better when we are really struggling with the portuguese. Ah. I will miss her a lot.
Love you all sooooo much!! Thanks for everything!!
Wish me luck heading off to Campinas!!
lots of love,
Sister Ward

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