Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 3?? I think....

Hello everyone!!!
So much has happened in the last week!! AHHH.
First off, thanks sooooo much for the letters!!
Well. Last wednesday we got ANOTHER companion.... Sister Nelson. So now we are a trio. Sister Sessions, Sister Nelson and I. I was a little worried about it at first, but it is working out great! We have a lot of fun together.
And yes, I moved bedrooms my first week, and again last week... but this week I am safe!!! NO MORE MOVING ROOMS FOR ME!!!
Last weekend was General Conference and it was SOOOOOO amazing!! It seriously was like Christmas. We got to watch EVERY session. WOOO! and it was LIVE anddddd in ENGLISH!!!! happy happy happpy day!
ALSO. The provo MTC choir almost made me die of happiness! I saw Sister Suzy Lind up on the big screen!!!!!! AHHHHH! It made me soooo happy.
also.... if you didnt notice. Elder David Archuleta was totally in the choir.... yep. He apparently is going on his mission to Argentina I think....
This week has been pretty tough. We are trying to step up our efforts with Portuguese.... and it is HARD. But it is soooo good too though.
We try to speak in Portuguese as much as possible and speak with the Brazilian missionaries here as much as possible. Last night I was talking to my old brazilian roommate and she told me that she was soooo impressed with how well I am doing!! She told me that she was "shock-ed". hahah. so cute. But I was so happy!! =] Ahhh.
Our teachers Irma Korth and Irmao Costa are sooo fantastic. I LOVE THEM. I am so grateful for them everyday. Everyday we have class in 3 hour chunks. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. It is way intense. Our class with Irma Korth on Monday night was soooo intense. It quite literally felt like she was breaking our souls into peices with a hammer and then molding us back into something else afterwards. ahhh. Dont take that the wrong way though. I love her to death!! and it was sooo good!! But it is HARD.
About the temple. We got to go to Campinas the first week, and we have been to the Sao Paulo temple the last two weeks. I love them both!! I love the Campinas temple on the outside so much and also because it is MY TEMPLE... but the Sao Paulo temple is GORGEOUS on the inside. Love it.
Well. I am out of time. Please keep sending me letters!!! Everyday feels like a month here, so it honestly feels like I havent seen you all in a year......
I still LOVE BRAZIL!!!! And I am so happy to be here!!!! =]
Love you all!!!
Sister Ward

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