Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WEEK 4!!!!!! can you believe it??! I cant......

Hey everyone!!
I've been at the CTM for 4 weeks now!! Crazy. We only have two weeks left here..... EVEN CRAZIER.
Thank you all so much for the letters this week!!! I'm trying to write you some responses asap.
Well. This week has been crazy. Our district now has less time left here than what we've already done, so we are on crunch time to learn as much as possible! We have been trying to step up our Portuguese a TON and it is so hard. Portuguese makes my head want to EXPLODE. Yesterday we had our first "english fast" and tried SO HARD to only speak Portuguese all day..... We probably could improve.... hahaha. But we worked so hard.
We had another TRC last week with "real" brazilians. TRC is when you get to teach people that come in and volunteer to be taught. Here it is usually brazilian members from around the area, but sometimes it is some of the teachers here, or even other missionaries if no one shows up. So for us, we go in not actually knowing the people, but we are given an information sheet about the person we will teach, and the volunteers act as if they are this investigator. Anyways. It is way intense! Brazilians talk sooo fast!! But we understood so much more in this TRC than the last one, so that was good. =]
Today we got to go to the temple again for P-Day!!! WOOOO!!! I love it. And we ran into a group of "real" missionaries as we were leaving the temple. We talked to a group of sisters for a while and somehow, we understood some of what they were saying!!!! YAY!!! The one American sister that was there translated for us when we got lost... hehe. And she was amazing at portuguese!! Wow. There is hope for us!!!!!! =]
Also, in southern Brazil, there are a lot of people of european descent. So this sister said that sometimes you can trick people, or they assume, that you are from the south, rather than the states. Apparently my companions can pull off being from the South but i cant..... Dang it. hahaha. They said to try and tell people that I am Italian though.... hahaha.
A week ago, my roommates from my first week here left. And yesterday, Sister Sessions and my roommates from the second week left...... So sad. It stinks having to say goodbye to people!! Especially when they are from Brazil (or portugal...) and I probably wont ever get to see them again!! Next week, I'll try to send some pictures! All of my roommates are so amazing. I miss them already!
Also, If anyone is in the mood to make someone's day, an elder in my district still hasn't received ANY mail..... And everyday he has a super upbeat attitude about it.... "this is my day" "this is gonna be my day".... and sadly, no mail. So if anyone wants to write to an Elder Elliott, it will make his day!
Oh and about mail.... probably starting a week from now, you should send letters to the mission home in Campinas instead of the CTM.
Love and miss you all so much!!!!!!!!
Sister Ward

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