Saturday, May 19, 2012

2 Months in Brazil!!

Hey everybody!!!
So I have officially been in Brazil for two months now!!! Crazy!!!
Everything is going so well here!!
We´re just working hard and keeping busy... Once again, it feels like we just had Pday yesterday....
I´m still trying to get better at the portuguese.... but I guess that´ll come bit by bit.
I keep realizing more things that I need to learn and things I dont know, so sometimes it feels like I´m going backwards, but it´s all good!!
We have zone meetings in Limeira every tuesday and yesterday our meeting was soooo good. I learned a TON. Sister Pederson and I are both trying to implement all that we´ve been learning from our zone and district into our work this week. I´m hoping that as we do we´ll be better able to help people come unto Christ.
Well, some funnies from this week:
On our way to church sunday morning, we were walking down a hill. The sidewalks here are all made up of small rocks formed into this wave design. ( I have no idea how they do it and it seems like a TON of work...). But they are never really level. So we were walking and there was a bit of a bump in the sidewalk and all of a sudden I just completely trip and fall basically on my face. WOW. Super cool. Sister Pederson totally started laughing. I did too though, dont worry. And I skinned my knee like a 7 year old. Classy. BEST OF ALL, there was a guy we know walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street that saw the WHOLE thing. Yep. Ahhhhh. We saw him again yesterday and he was telling me to be careful on the sidewalks....
As promised, some pictures of the apartment:
Our apartment is HUGE and super SUPER nice for Brazil. So we are pretty lucky....

Our lovely room where we hang our clothes.

Sister Pederson and my super classy birthday cake. Someone just happened to give us cake that day, so when we got home we stuck some matches in it and had a little celebration. Woooo. Sadly, the cake was pretty bad.... so we ended up throwing it out... hahah. but it is the thought that counts!!!

Felipe´s baptism!!! He is in the middle. And his cousin João Carlos baptized him. Super cool. He was sooooo happy!!!!

Our district pday in Limeira last week!! Super fun. We played ping-pong, Uno, made lunch. Such fun. We have a great district.

Our bedroom. It also is HUGE and you cant see our little clothes cupboard/closet thingy on the wall on the left....

Our happy little study spots. In our GIGANTIC living room. This is where we study for four hours every morning. And we do lots of practices where we usually cant keep a straight face...... hmmm. Sister Pederson had me practice on her stuffed animal frog one time cause we couldnt stop laughing. It´s bad, but hey, we are working on it!

Our kitchen! Everyone has gas stoves like this in brazil. They aren´t connected to the wall and people drive around in trucks playing SUPER annoying jingles to sell those tanks of gas. WORST JOB EVER. This is the stove where we make our delicious dinner of popcorn every night. And I am a pro at cooking popcorn in a pot now, a member showed us the trick to it a couple weeks ago. MMMMMMmmmmm it is sooooo good!

Well. I´m about out of time....
Everything is soooo goood here!! I love it!!
I love and miss you all soo much!!!
Thanks for the emails and letters.
Hope you all are doing well.
Sister Ward

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