Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AH! and it´s been another week!! How did that happen???
This week was super good!!!
Last week we were working super hard and keeping really busy! It was so good. And so many good things came of it!! Miracles!
Thursday of last week we met a woman who has had more trials and tragedies in her life than I could have imagined. Her mom just passed away a week before and she was crying from the moment we first saw her. She talked to us and cried for an hour and a half. (well, I couldnt understand much, but thankfully Sister Pedersen could...). Besides her mom dying, her little brother died tragically when she was little and her father as well. She told us that she hasnt been happy since the day her brother died. It was sooo sad. We had no idea what to do for her or how to help her. But we just listened and Sister Pedersen testified to her that we know she will see her family again. By the time we left she was SO much happier!! And without us even mentioning it, she asked us when our church meeting was and told us she wanted to come! crazy!! That never happens! AND she actually did come!! That also never happens!!
She came and loved church!! She told us that she is never going to stop coming and will stay strong for the rest of her life!. wow. She is amazing. ALSO, when we talked with her the first time, she told us how her mom had wanted to tell her something before she died, but wasnt able to. And it was really worrying her because she didnt know what it was. Sister Pedersen just told her that she could pray and God would help her to know what it was her mom had wanted to tell her. So that night, she did pray. And she had a dream where her mom was alive and told her what it was. She told us that after that, she stopped crying and knew that God had sent us to her.
Wow. She is so amazing!! I´m so grateful that we were guided to find her!! We found her by knocking at the door of a friend of hers who then sent us to her house to help her. It is crazy that we even met her! We get to go teach her again tonight!!!
Funnies from the week:
Well. the portuguese funnies are still continuing.... Sometimes I go entire conversations without understanding anything. It is great fun. But makes life entertaining.
Sunday, a member made us Feijoada. It is black beans cooked with an ENTIRE pig. Because apparently, pigs have flavor in EVERY part of their body.... and when I say entire, I mean entire. EVERY PART. The skin, bones, cartilige. I´ve heard stories of missionaries finding teeth...... So, after hearing so much about this delicious meal, we were a little nervous. LUCKILY, the member brought it to our house so that we could eat it at home, and we didnt have to eat it in front of anyone. hahaha. There were quite a few interesting peices in it..... And we definitely did not eat it all.
Besides the gross parts, it was actually pretty good. It made for an entertaining night. hahah.
Well, I hope all is well at home!!
Love you all!!
And thanks SO MUCH for all the emails and encouragement!!! I really appreciate it!!
Sister Ward

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