Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey Everybody!!!

Well. It´s that time of the week again somehow....
Everything is going SO WELL here!!!!!!!!!
It´s been warm again (well, kinda hot actually..) so I´m not freezing to death anymore, which is GREAT! I like it.
Yes, we are still teaching that woman whose mother just passed away.... Sonia. She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! She understands everything we tell her and between when we first left her the book of mormon (last thursday) and yesterday, she had already read about 100 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! so great!! She just pulled it out and showed us and was like, "I´ve been reading but I dont understand everything very well..." and then she started asking us questions. It was fantastic! She started asking us all about baptism and we were like "well, that is actually what we wanted to talk to you about today!!" And when we were inviting her to be baptized, she asked us a ton of questions and told us how she wanted to get baptized! We´re working with her a lot and we marked a baptismal date for this sunday!!!!!! She also has been working really hard to stop drinking coffee and smoking. I think she used to smoke a lot and drank coffee everyday.... But now she´s switched over to coffee substitute (dont know what its called in english....) and has been cutting down on the cigarettes everyday. When we first talked to her about the word of wisdom she was like "I know it´s bad and I´ve been wanting to stop". So she is. She really is amazing.
There have been a lot of ups and downs with working with her. But somehow, everything is still working out!!
Last night was a HUGE patience builder for me. We were teaching her and the entire family started to get home for the day. So people were talking and coming in and out and talking with us SO MUCH. They LOVE to talk. Holy cow. We ended up being at their house for almost 4 hours!!!!!!!!! AH. And I was trying so hard to follow the conversation, but her husband talks really fast and intensely and I can hardly ever understand anything that he says. Man. I cant wait till I can understand people. Seriously. But in the end, everything worked out and we were able to talk with Sonia more about baptism and address all her questions and concerns. So it was worth it. Even though in the moment, I thought it could never be. hahaha.
Miracle from the week:
Okay, so this is really just a small thing, but it was absolutely wonderful to us when it happened.... Friday, we came back to our apartment a little discouraged and super hungry. BUT, we had absolutely NOTHING to eat in our apartment... Okay, we had three eggs, two oranges (that we were saving for breakfast) and rice. But that´s it. So we sat at our desks and discussed what in the world we could possibly fix and ended up making some rice for our dinner. We were so bummed. hahah. As we were making the rice and joking about how pathetic the inside of our refrigerator looked, someone rang our doorbell. Sister Pedersen looked down out of the window to see who it was, ANDDDD it was some members with food for us!!!!!!!! BEST DAY!!!!! They had been at a birthday party for the bishop´s son and brought us over some appetizers and cake that were left over. Oh man. We were so excited!! Way too excited for what it was, but it was so perfect in that moment. Little miracles.
ANDDD a funny story.
So. The members who give us lunch always expect us to eat a TON. And if you dont, then they get offended. So. We eat a TON at our lunches. On monday, we were eating at a members house and they started it out with the tell-tale signs that let us know that this is gonna be one of "those"kind of lunches.... "Dont be shy, eat as much as you want!" "all this food is for YOU" "take more sister, take more". Yep. So after I had eaten seconds, I seriously felt like I would die. SO MUCH FOOD. Sister Pedersen was still eating, and when the couple stepped out for a second, she said to me "eat more!". I had already said no when they offered me more, and so I was thinking, "shoot. I´ve offended them..." So I asked her "do I have to???" And she was like "yes. Eat more." noooo. hahaha. Then the couple came back in, and I took a little bit more rice and beans and meat. Then I started to force myself to eat it..... A little bit later, the couple stepped out again and Sister Pedersen was like "..... I was joking....."
hahahaha. AH. Worst joke of my life!!!!!!!! We both started laughing (but had to stop real fast cause the members were coming back...). And the family told us how one time when they had elders over for lunch, the elders ate SOOOOO much and then when the husband was leaving to go somewhere afterwards he saw the elders laying on the grass under some trees at the end of the road napping it all off. hahaha. So they told us "dont worry, eat as much as you want. You get to take a nap after!" ahahaha.
love you all!!
and thanks again for all the emails and everything!!! It means a lot.
Sister Ward

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