Saturday, September 29, 2012

And It's Another Transfer!! (Aug. 29)

Hey everyone!
First things first, Sister Feistner and I are staying in Araras for another transfer!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
It has been a good week!!! It is starting to get really hot now, and I´m getting a little nervous for what it will be like in december, january, february.... yikes. Besides being pretty hot, it didnt rain AT ALL last transfer... Not once!!! Then we got about 15 minutes of rain yesterday.... but that is it! In the last six weeks!! crazy. 
One thing that I am really excited about from this past transfer...... Somehow, its like a somebody switched a magic light switch and people can understand me now!!! And I can understand them too, for the most part! It´s amazing!! haha. Not perfect yet, but it is awesome how much better my portuguese is than just a couple months ago.... Now I just need to get over being scared to talk to people and we´ll be great!! haha. So there´s my goal for this next transfer!! ha.
But. While we are on the subject of portuguese.... Dont get too excited, cause my portuguese might not be all that grand yet.....
There is a few young women in the ward that LOVE to leave and knock doors with us. They try to spend an afternoon with us about every week. They LOVE it!!! haha. it is great. But another of their favorite things is how I speak portuguese..... haha. Apparently, I talk like a 2 year old, because that is about the same reaction.... Except, I think they wouldnt laugh as much at a two year old, cause its a given fact that you cant really talk well at 2 years old....
There are a few things I have said that they love to bring up..... For example. When we were getting a ride home at the end of the day, we were talking about how tired we were. (this is a usual subject for me..... especially when I fall asleep at member´s homes.... haha) So I was trying to say how I wanted to sleep for forever on the couch.... What came out was basically correct, only missing some important pronounciation details. I said "eu quero dormir para sempre na sófa" When it really should have been "no sofá" CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE????? Yep. its pretty small. But they love to bring that one up. On a daily basis. To the point that I am fairly unsure about how it is really supposed to be pronounced... is the accent at the beginning or the end??? AHHHHHHHHHH.
Their latest favorite is laughing about the way I pronounce the letter p in the word pia(sink). Yep. Or the way I pronounce my Rs (like a retarded american..... Remember how I cant do that rolling your R´s thing??? still making my life miserable as much as it did in spanish class.... )
Anyways. They get a lot of laughs out of my efforts. But I get a lot of very picky help as well. I spent about half an hour a couple weeks ago just trying to pronounce the word "pão" (bread) ITs a tough one. Believe me. And it is completely different from the word "pau" (wood/stick??) although it sounds exactly the same when I try to say it.  
But, moving on. Remember the lady who owns a bakery??? And they give us free food everyday??? We finally got to teach Izabel again this past week. And she is so amazing!!!!!! Holy cow! If only she wasnt so crazy busy!!! She is so prepared, reading the book of mormon over skype with her fiancee EVERY DAY. Wow. Turns out, she is heading to the states for a couple weeks tomorrow. She always is asking us to call her or come by if we ever need ANYTHING. And if our lunch ever falls through, she tells us to come by the bakery and she´ll give us a pizza or something instead. Yeah. She is like our cute little brazilian mom. hahah.
About Sonia.... If you all dont remember, Sonia got baptized back in June, but lately she´s been having a hard time coming to church regularly. She´s been pretty sad about Sister Pedersen leaving, and she also has some health issues and problems with depression and stuff. And she´s been having a tough time here recently. Last week, we went by to see how she was doing because she hadnt been to church that sunday. Turns out, she hadnt been to church cause she REALLY couldnt leave the house..... She got ran over by a moped!!! What??! She broke her tail bone and shattered her leg. So she is in a cast from her knee to her toes. Ahhh. She is always super antsy and doesnt like to just sit and do nothing, so she is limping around the house with walker. Oh my gosh. As she was telling us about what happened she was describing to us how badly she is bruised from her butt all the way down her leg.... Just purple. And then she was like "oh, why dont I just show you??" So she stands right in front of us with her back to us and just pulls up her dress!!!! WHAT??! hahaha. What is with brazilians and the lack of personal space??? ahaha.She apparently thought we wanted to know how purple and bruised her butt was..... And she did it again the next time we came over... just to make sure we knew that the bruising was improving. hahaha.
We had a family night with this awesome family in our ward this week. Fatima and João´s family.... They are the aunt and uncle of Felipe--- my first baptism. We have family nights with them fairly often, and I just love this family!!! They are so great!! Cutest thing--- when we were looking for a hymn to sing, we found Sister Pedersen´s favorite hymn marked in Fatima´s hymnbook.... (seems like it is a pretty common thing for members to have hymnbooks in their homes, and they like to mark in them. Or color over the top of your name tag to leave the imprint of your name on the page. haha. its cute). But when we found it marked, Felipe whipped out his little mini-hymn book and was like "sister ward, I have your favorite hymn marked in my hymnbook!!" haha. I dont think I actually ever told him my favorite hymn.... but one day that we went by his house to teach him, he picked out a hymn for us to sing and I told him that I like that hymn ( I think it is how great the wisdom and the love in english....). So he marked it in his hymnbook! but he marked it as "sister WA" cause he couldnt remember how to spell my name. AHhaha. So cute.
Last night, they invited us over again to have a churrasco with them!!! OHHHHHHHHH yes. So good! Really. I just love this family. One of their sons is home visiting from Italy (he is working there right now...) and he was like "mom, we have to call the sisters and invite them!" haha. So they did. In reality, Fatima called us about every two hours all day long to make sure we were coming.... ahah. Super sweet.
Irmão João and Irmã Fatima when we had CHURRASCO last night!!! SOOOOO GOOD!
João and Fatima again...... hahaha. Fatima loves to bomb the pictures.....

Sister Feistner and I at our family night/churrasco....

One of João and Fatima´s sons--- Carlos, that is visiting from Italy
One last story...... This is actually from a couple weeks ago, but it was soooooo hilarious.
We went by an investigator´s house sunday night a couple weeks ago. He works and lives in São Paulo during the week and is only home at his mom´s house here right behind the chapel on the weekends. When we came by Sunday evening, he had already left for São Paulo because he had to leave early for some reason. But, his mom LOVES to feed us and had been promising us cake.... ahah. She is a super cute old lady that is slightly crazy and very very catholic. She has a little catholic saint (the saint of the kitchen) in her kitchen and she gives him a little cup of coffee every day. AND believes that he drinks it!!! oh man. But, she invited us in to come eat the cake she made for us. (just for  us, mind you..... she swears that she wont eat it....) So we came in and she dished us up some huge peices. Then, she was trying to get us to take seconds... and Sister Feistner was talking about how much she LOVES sweet stuff, but that she really couldnt eat anymore... And they are kind of talking back and forth for a bit and then this little old lady is like "Come mais formigão!!!!!!!!!" (which translates to====  eat more you big ant!) hahah.  and then she put another peice on Sister Feistner´s plate and walked out of the kitchen for a bit.... It took me a couple seconds to figure out what she had said, and then I look at Sister Feistner and was like "eat more you big ant???" We both busted up laughing..... ahahah. Ohhhhh portuguese. When the lady came back in, I had a straight face, but Sister Feistner had just lost it..... She couldnt stop laughing for the rest of the night. I think that this lady was honestly a little peeved at her for laughing (cause she thought that sister Feistner was laughing at me, and I completely encoouraged this idea.... and Sister F. had no way to defend herself... haha). But, in short.... this phrase has become or daily/hourly/minutely/every-time-we-just-need-to-laugh phrase.... and it works every time. =]
Wellllll. I gotta go.... But I hope you all have the best week!!!
To anyone who cares, my pday is switching to MONDAY next week, so if you feel inclined to write me lovely email, remember that you should do it before MONDAY!!! =]
love you all so much!!!
Sister Ward
Some Pictures...
This is how my companion kills spiders in our apartment.

GIGANTIC turtle that some members have as a pet.... It weighs a good 30 pounds!! They say this type of turtle lives to about 100 years old and keeps growing that whole time.... this ones about 25-30 years old.

It likes to eat rice. like a true brazilian.

One of the lovely little lakes here in Araras......  People come to this one to go fishing.
teaching fiddle at a lunch appointment...... hahah

our sunday lunch appointment..... we got to their house right after church to find this waiting for us.... They only got it all set up before church. No big deal.

With Vitoria and Natalia

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