Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey There Happy Family (And Friends)!!! (Aug. 22)

So much happiness EXPLODING from my emails this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]
I may have used up most of my computer time today just soaking up all this happiness..... but I guess it is time for a little bit about my week.
Well. This week was an ADVENTURE.
Last wednesday, we went into Campinas so that Sister Feistner could go to the hospital because of her fairly infected ingrown toenail. FUN RIGHT????!
Sadly, the doctor there wouldnt even TOUCH her toe, and just told us to stay at home for a few days and made her buy a huge amount of medicines and antiobiotics to take. ALSO FUN.
So, we spent a few days doing NOTHING in our house..... Since we were both completely healthy otherwise, we got a little bored and CRAZY from being cooped up! We slept, read scriptures, wrote in our journals, told stories, watched the restoration film in about 6 different languages.... and colored pictures (mom and dad--- you were right, the colored pencils and coloring books did come in handy.... ahah).
Saturday, we were sick of being inside, so Sister Feistner called Sister Perrotti (our new mission president´s wife who is in charge of our medical needs...) and talked with her. She had us go to ANOTHER hospital, but here in Araras. Our bishop was super awesome and came and drove us around all day. We went to the hospital, waited forever and they did the same thing. Wouldnt even touch her foot and told us to go to a foot-specialist. So we ended up going to a little pedicure place (where bishop´s wife gets here nails done... hahaha) and the lady there apparently has had experience with ingrown toenails before... So we set up an appointment, then went back home and waited, and then finally went to have it done. Sister Feistner was a little worried, because we have heard some horror stories about how bad it was gonna hurt.... Turns out it took her about 5 minutes, she just cut out the side part of her toenail and part that was ingrown and Sis. F said it didnt even hurt! Miracles.
So, in conclusion. We went all over the place, bought a ton of medicine, and stayed in our house for FOREVER, all over a toe that took 5 minutes and 5 reais to take care of. Sweet.
Unfortunately, our time at home wasnt over there..... Monday, when we went out to work, Sister Feistner wasnt feeling too well, ended up getting fairly sick at a members home and we just had to head back home... YAY. we love sitting at home!!!
As of yesterday and today, she is feeling a lot better, so here goes for a better week ahead!!!
So, from this week I came to realize how much I appreciate being able to leave our house and teach!!!!!!!!!! Getting to teach sunday and yesterday was WONDERFUL. We found some wonderful people and had some way good lessons!
As of this past sunday, our ward here in Araras opened up a "prayer group" (smaller than a branch and still functions as part of the ward... ) out in an area that is SUPER far from the chapel. They get to have Sacrament meeting and sunday school every sunday and it is starting in a member family´s home. I am way excited about it! It means that a lot of less active members that live in this area but stopped coming to church because they dont have money for the bus, will now have the opportuinity to come to church and take the sacrament. It ALSO means, that we have our work cut out for us in this area that I have only ever been to about 3 times... haha. So we are getting pumped to start passing by the less active members and finding new people to teach out in Jose Ometto!!!
I think it is really cool because there is so much potential for growth here! This group is just the beginning of what will hopefully be a ward someday.... We have already found a few families that are really interested in the gospel that now have the opportunity to actually go and visit the church. Before, we almost never went to this area because it was almost pointless to even try inviting anyone to church.... But now they can go!! So cool!!
Also. To all that are interested, my portuguese is GETTING BETTER!!!!! woooooo!  Still not where I´d like to be yet, but I´m understanding and people are understanding me soooooo much better lately. It is amazing. The amount of progress in this past transfer is just crazy. Hopefully this super high paced learning keeps going.... ahaha. I love it.
And some pictures:
happy pday last week with Sister Pedersen and some of the other sisters in Campinas!!!! (after we went by the doctor and she was absolutely no help to us..... )

gorgeous day walking out on this road between houses and the middle of nowhere..... (one of the days we got to actually LEAVE our house!)

told you we colored pictures..... haha. Story behind this one.... Sister Feistner becomes a little CRAZY after about 1 1/2 glasses of coca-cola..... Yep. We get home at night and, big surprise, she wont be able to sleep. (or me either.... hahah). Its a little challenging because brazilians apparently dont believe in water, and almost always offer us soda at lunches---usually coke. Sometimes we get lucky with juice.... But I have to monitor her coke intake from here on out....
Well. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week!!!!
dont forget, my pday is changing to mondays on Sept. 3rd!!! So next week is the last wednesday pday!!
Love you all!!!
Sister Ward

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