Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chicken Feet, Brazil, and the Gospel (Aug. 15)

Hey everyone!!!!
It is SUCH a good day today!!!!!!!!!! =]
First things first.....
Thanks so much everyone for all the emails and pictures this week!!!! soo good to hear from you all!!!
so some fun stuff and pictures from the week......
 We did indeed learn how to cook and eat chicken feet.............. I dont want to offend anybody....  but... I really, REALLY did not enjoy eating chicken feet. To describe the experience = it was like eating glue. Yep. Great fun. But we went all out and lived this experience and each ate 5 chicken feet when all was said and done. Some pictures....

me and sister feistner going at it!! hahah
plate full of chicken feet!!!!

what happened to that plate full of feet. hahaha.
Alright. So we had a baptism last week!!!!
Gidelma was baptized on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo! It was so perfect and cute. She didnt tell her fiancee that she was getting baptized until we were all sitting waiting for the meeting to start and the member running the meeting came and sat by them to ask what her full name was..... The look on his face was priceless. haha. He was like, "wait... you are getting baptized?!!!" hahah. They were both so excited and adorable after that. ah. The meeting and her baptism were perfect and Gidelma was sooooo happy!!!
Gidelma and her fiancee Justiniano!

Parrots that Gidelma´s family has!
 Anyways, it has been such a good week!!!
Today we are going to play a little bit with the other sisters here in Campinas, so I´ve got to go!!!
love you all so much!!!
have a good week!!!
Sister Ward
some more fun wildlife in Araras!!!!

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