Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey Family! (Nov. 19)

Welp. Yep!! I got transferred!!!
hahah. I dont know where I am going yet, so just hang in there till next week. okay? thanks.

We left JundiaĆ­ this morning to pass the pday in campinas saying goodbye to some sisters that are leaving.... So I dont have much time to write today! I´m sorry!!! 

The week was good, but tough..... We´ve been working hard, but there isnt much to show for it. We were working a lot with Rodolfo all week, and planning for his baptism on sunday...... But he kept being all wishy-washy about it. In the end, he told us he would decide sunday morning (the morning of the 'planned' baptism) and let us know before church what he would do.... ha. We went to pick him up for church, and he didnt even get out of bed. Sweet. 
It is frustrating to me when people just dont make the decisions that they need to make......... and then just let it happen how it happens. He knows the church is true!!!!! and its blessed his life so much!!! But still, he just keeps being indecisive. I hope that he does end up deciding and gets baptized in the next few weeks...... Not that I´ll be around to see it though. Oh well. 

Interesting side note from the week---
I woke up thursday with a weird allergic reaction. My face was red and burning up and I had hives on my arm, stomach, chest......... sweet. Sister Feistner got a little worried and called Sister Perrotti just to ask her about it...... Since we are two americans and didnt know how to describe hives properly, I think she got a little overly-worried and told us to head to the hospital just in case I had measles or something.......... Yep.
So we went to the hospital. Remember last time I went to the hospital??? How I passed out??? 
Well. I one upped it this time.......... They took a blood test and the guy was having an insanely hard time getting the needle into my vein...poking it around and wiggling it and all. Then the blood wouldnt come out into the tube, so he started wiggling it around somemore. By the time he was finished with the blood test, I was NOT feeling so grand. THEN he is like "well, we´re gonna give you some medication on the IV now....." nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
So he took my other arm and started fishing for a vein my elbow, the back of my hand........
Pretty soon, I knew I was gonna pass out. So I told him so. Twice. apparently he didnt believe me, cause next thing I know I am waking up with 4 brazilian doctors standing around me freaking out. "WE KILLED AN AMERICAN!!!" okay not really......... it was more like "does she even speak portuguese???? is she here alone (my comp. had been told to wait in the waiting room......) what do we do??"  And I´m sitting there, trying to recover enough to answer their questions, having passed out, and apparently barfed on myself AND wet my pants............. COOL. 
They went and paged Sister Feistner....... "Sister Ward´s companion....... please come to the back..." hahaha. And they told her what happened. She just laughed and was like "wow. that´s embarassing."
Then we had to have the bishops family come bring me clean clothes so I could head over to ANOTHER doctor, cause they were all freaking out because I had passed out............. woops. Turns out it was all over nothing and the allergic reaction went away after a dose of benidril. But it made for an interesting day.....

Its funny how I only stayed here in jundiaĆ­ for 6 weeks, but I am already super attatched to the people!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh. So sad to leave!!! I´m gonna miss soooooo many people so much!!!! 
We had lunch with the bishops family (before we knew about transfers) and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!! We kept waiting there, hoping to here about the transfers so we could say goodbye and everything....... ahhh.
I only got to say goodbye to a couple people real quick..... and goodbyes are the worst!!!!!!
Everyone was crying and it was terrible. Thats all. I better get to come back to visit some day....... 

And that´s besides having to say goodbye to sister feistner as well!!! ahhhhhhh. we´ve been companions for four months now...... half of my mission!!!!!!!!!! crazy! I am gonna miss her sooooooooo much as well. 

Sorry it wasnt much of an update!!! 
Until next week!!!

Sister Ward

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