Monday, January 7, 2013

(Nov. 12)

Hey all you people loving up the snow!!
Next time you get sad to go scrape off the car, think of me being SUPER JEALOUS of the snow you have, and dying here in the heat!!! haha
Welp. Its been another week, ALREADY........... its like magic. Cant keep track of the days anymore.
Moving on...........
Its been a good week!
Last monday, we had a family night with an inactive family that we have been visiting every monday night (and sometimes more often...) since we got here. We wanted to watch the restoration video with them, but somehow, it seems like EVERY  SINGLE TIME we try to watch that movie, EVERYTHING goes wrong.......... When we first got there, the husband Sidney wasnt back yet...... Marilda and their handicapped son Jonathan were home and watching tv, when we arrived with another recent convert named Cleber. We sat around waiting for Sidney for a while..... and then decided we should just start. Poor Jonathan got SO stressed out to have us start without his dad.... ah. poor guy. He is about 27, understands really well, and can apparently read and form words with help.... but unable to talk or move much more than his head. He is ALWAYS smiling so big when we get to their house though....
We sang a hymn and started.... still waiting for Irmão Sidney and decided to just teach about the restoration real quick since he wasnt back to get the computer set up to play the movie. FINALLY he got back, and went get the computer all set up..... It must have taken a good 25 minutes of him struggling with that computer and the speakers before we were FINALLY able to watch the film..... hahaha. MAN. It was way worth it though, and the last time we passed by their house, they were still talking about it... It just brings the spirit so well.
About Fernando-
He´s doing so great!!!!!!!!! He is still so excited, and so happy!! He was confirmed on Sunday, and super happy about it........ We were only able to meet with him a couple times this past week, but he is doing so well!! He is looking for a job right now, and was all stressed about having to work on sundays since he is looking for a restaurant job.... We talked with him a lot about the importance of going to church each sunday, and now he is looking for a job that will let him do that. He understands SO WELL. It is amazing. hahaha. Maybe I´m just used to a lot of investigators that dont get anything at all...... but he is soooooooooooo awesome!
This week we spent a lot of time trying to find people at home.............. and they pretty much never were. COOL. Even Rodolfo started to never be at home!! AGH. And it is tough to find new people here because 1) knocking doors is the WORST here....... pretty inefficient.... most people arent home, and whoever is doesnt want to talk to us 2) when we try to do contacts in center, everyone is in a hurry and doesnt want to talk OR they are not even from Jundiaí, and just work here and live in other cities. SWEET. The lucky elders in our zone get a lot of references though.......... hahaha.
Tuesday, we were able to get Rodolfo to come down to the chapel for FUTBOL!!! haha. We grabbed a young man that was waiting for the weekly soccer night to start and walked up to Rodolfo´s house with him. Then we were just like "hey, you´re gonna go play soccer right now, and here´s a friend for you". It was actually a LOT easier than we anticipated............ He was just like "soccer??? okay" and dropped the stuff he was working on and came. SCORE!!!!!!!!!! And he apparently had a good time as well. He was complaining about his legs still being sore for about 5 days afterwards though...... hahahah
We also were able to actually teach Rodolfo again on wednesday.......... this time with a recently returned missionary from our ward, so now he has at least one friend at church!!!!!!!!!! Woo! =]
Rodolfo is SUPER cool......... He is still working along at everything. He is trying really hard to do everything right, to read his scriptures, pray, come to church and keep the commandments that we´ve taught him. It is really awesome how concerned he is about it all. He really WANTS to do it!! He gets stressed about all the things he feels like he needs to do better and isnt able to do PERFECTLY, and so we have to talk through that a lot with him and help him with his worries. But it is amazing how much he has changed and the progress he has made! He has read a good 20 chapters in the Book of mormon by now!! And this is the guy who has read only 2 books in his entire life!! Crazy right. And he prayed again for us saturday night!!!! ahhhhhhhhh. It makes my heart melt everytime he actually prays for us!! And this time we didnt even have to ask him to do it!! He just was like "well, its my turn". =] WOOO!
Oh and fun thing from wednesday!!!!
Around lunch time, we went up into center to just make some contacts and try to find people to teach. While we were there, we passed a guy playing violin on the corner.....Okay, so he was playing a "violin", but CRAZILY enough, he was playing fiddle music!!! Like celtic music! In brazil!!! WHAT??! We had passed him once before, and Sister Feistner had tried to get me to go up to him and ask him to play his violin....... but I chickened out and we ended up just going on our way to another appointment. THIS TIME, she was like " Sister Ward.... just do it!! If you dont, you´re gonna regret it for the rest of your life!!" Eventually, she just marched on up to him and was like "my friend plays the violin........... can she play yours???" hahaha. He was a little taken aback, but he ended up letting me. Turns out, this guy is wayinto playing FIDDLE music, not just classical, and has his violin set up more like a fiddle and everything! ( the strings closer to the fingerboard and stuff). And he got way excited to hear me playing traditional american fiddle music cause he has pretty much only learned celtic......... His most "american" fiddle song was St. Anne´s Reel. But yeah. IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started playing and everyone passing on the street just stopped and stared.......... hahaha. (I play a LOT differently than this guy---- louder, more obnoxious maybe??? hahaha). Sister Feistner said it was crazy how everyone was just stopping and staring. A random member from another ward in the area came up and had me play to his cell phone so that the bishop from his ward could hear the "american sister" play the fiddle....... hahaha. And then afterwards, this fiddle player---- Jon, from Chile, wanted me to teach him some stuff, so we traded versions of St. Anne´s and then I started teaching him Devil´s Dream (good song for a missionary eh??). OH YEAH, for you fiddle people that´ll understand what I´m talking about, he wanted me to teach him how to do a cut, you know, like in celtic music..... butttttttttttt yeah. I had no idea how to explain it to him in english........ much less in portuguese.......... and he´s from chile and grew up speaking spanish, so I could barely understand his portuguese anyways........ hahah. Whatever. Good thing you can just play music without talking that much.
OH----------- and btw, it either was HOT or RAINING this week.............. I havent decided whether it is worse to work in the heat or the rain.......... hmmmmmmmm. The rain is more pleasant, but more impossible to find anyone to talk to..... So I guess its a toss up.
When we got stuck in the POURING rain WITHOUT umbrellas........... (it was sunny that morning!!!) we ran and took cover under the balcony of a corner bar...... hahahah.

Thursday, an Irmã from the ward called us bright and early in the morning to ask us to help her with her house cleaning. (first time this has happened to me on my mission....... people usually dont even LET us try to help with anything...) and we were pretty excited to actually get to go do something!!! hahaha. YEP`. We were EXCITED to go clean a house......... Did I  mention that Brazilians clean their houses completely different??? Cleaning the kitchen floor for example involves throwing about 10 gallons of water on the floor, drizzling soap/cleaner over it, scrubbing it with a BROOM, and then squeeging all the water out the door, pouring more water on the floor as needed to thoroughly rinse it off. Its basically the same way you would wash dishes I guess......... She also had me clean her kitchen walls (covered in tiles) with a long handled squeegie and a towel. ???. The walls were shining when I got done. =]
But, point being, it was funny how much we enjoyed that.
OHHHHHHHHHH and just so you all can enjoy this............ The dad of the family whose house we cleaned, his name is Jesus. Honest. Make of that what you will.
RODOLFO WENT TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Saturday, when we went by, we were skimming through 3 Nefi 11 with him, where Christ comes and visits the people in America..... When had gone by with Jonathan (the member who came with us) earlier in the week, he had talked about it being one of his favorite chapters in the book of mormon, and Rodolfo remembered that. Rodolfo was all worried cause he had read it, but didnt understand or remember much of anything, so we just explained it to him again and read a little of it with him. We read verse 14 which is Christ inviting the people to come up to him and touch his hands and feet and see the marks of the nails where he was crucified. When we got to that part, we just asked Rodolfo what he would do if Christ was in front of him, inviting him to come up to Christ.... he thought for a bit, and told us that he didnt know. So we continued on and were talking about other things........ Towards the end, we were trying to committ him to come to church the next day, and we used that scripture again "levantai-vos e aproximai-vos a mim" (get up and come up unto me??) and explained how Christ is inviting us to come unto him. AND, he is not saying "only you people who are PERFECT, come unto me", he is inviting EACH AND EVERY PERSON in the world. So we asked Rodolfo again what he would do.... and he thought for a bit and was just like "well I would go to him of course!" YEAH! thats right!! and you can do that by going to church tomorrow!!! He got the point, and got out his cell phone alarm and set it with us sitting right there and everything. And sister F. put a sticky note on the back of his phone with that part of the scripture and "get up and come to church!" written on it, just in case. =]
The next morning, Sister F. and I did a division to pick people up for church. I went with a young lady from the ward to go pick up Rodolfo and walk with him down to the church. When we got there, the car was gone and the house was silent......... Yikes. I rang the buzzer anyways. And we waited. Then I rang it again. And we waited. After quite a while, I decided we would try it just ONE last time.......... So I rang it, and we waited.......... We waited it 10-15 minutes in total with NO signs of life..... Then, finally, Rodolfo came to the door running, TOTALLY asleep and rubbing his eyes and was just like "wait just a minute!" and went to get dressed. We ended up getting to the meeting a good 15-20 minutes late, just as they were starting to pass the sacrament..... so we had to wait in the hall until after they finished passing the sacrament before we could go in............ BUT, HE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!
Poor guy was stressed out with so many people in the chapel (two wards meet there, so it gets pretty packed....), but he liked it!!! When we went by his house again that afternoon, he wanted us to help him look up the lesson manuals online and everything! Wooo!! Anyways, he has come a LONG ways, and I´m super happy about his progress!!
Also, taught my first "gospel principles" class at church on sunday IN PORTUGUESE. Yep, thats right. And I didnt die. Or pass out. So I guess it was a success. maybe........... I dont know if anyone GOT anything out of the lesson........... but it is what it is. hahaha.
OH............. so this week we found a guy that we´ve taught twice now. His name is Alex, and we just taught him standing at his doorway, since no one else was home with him..... But, important part..... He broke his leg because something fell on it, and now he has this contraption on his leg to help his bones heal in the right way. Its got like 4 metal peices that go into his leg THROUGH  his skin and into the bone, connected to a long metal peice running vertically down his calf..... Apparently the doctor tightens it up to bring the peices of his bone back together slowly........... BUT man is it gross!!! Do they use stuff like that in the states??????? When we went to his house, Sister Feistner got all excited to ask him all about it (cause she studied nursing before the mish) and they started talking about how he has to clean it really well cause pus and blood come out of the holes where the metal stabs into his leg and all this other gross stuff that made me almost pass out. AGAIN. hahaha. They spent a good 15 minutes talking about how it works and everything, with me just leaning up against the fence, singing hymns IN ENGLISH, inside my head to distract myself..... hahaha. After a while, Sister F. noticed that I was white, and then she felt a little bad......... for like two seconds. haha. then she kept asking him stuff. Needless to say, I didnt help much in that lesson. 
Well, hope you all have a great week!!!!
Say some prayers for Rodolfo this week!!! So that he can keep preparing for baptism!!!!
Love you all so much!!!
Sister Ward
Us with Leila!!  SHE IS SO COOL!!!!! She helps us out a bunch!! and she is sooooo funny!! We basically just die laughing everytime we TRY to work with her... hahaha.

We made the muffin mix Debs sent!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mm. and our house smelled like America afterwards........ oh so good. We ate them all in one sitting.

Found this in a little corner store here............... oh brasil.

jibuticaba!! This weird fruit that grows on the TRUNK of the trees here........... Looks like warts all over the tree!!!

With Leila...... being a LITTLE more serious this time......... hahaha.

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