Monday, January 7, 2013

Sister Ward is really good at breaking showers...But it really isn't my fault! (Dec. 3)

Its DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant believe it! CANT BELIEVE IT.
This week has been sooooooooooo hoooooooot. Its been between 36-40 celsius (96-104 F) all week............ and that is HOT. Especially for me. hahah. And yes, I use sunscreen every day, but I still have the funniest looking shirt tan that you have every seen..... and a watch tan..... and a shoe tan. hahaha. Fam, you guys are gonna love it when I come home.

our area, and some bannana trees

We had some funny adventures this week................
Firstly, I just want to remind you all of my great luck with chuveiros (the shower heads that heat up the water)............ I DONT HAVE GOOD LUCK WITH THEM!!! Our chuveiro in Araras burnt out twice, the one in Jundiaí once and this week, ours died as well.............. Thankfully, taking cold showers isnt a bad thing now that it is hot. =]
But the story gets better. We told a member how the chuveiro had burnt out, and he told us that it was just the resistence (is that the right word in english) and that we just had to change it. And he said "sisters, its really easy. you guys need to learn how to do it already!" So he kind of explained what to do, and when we got home, Sister Paixão got on a chair and went to work. After about twenty minutes of her struggling while I am saying my prayers, I hear a HUGE amount of banging/falling/my companion possibly dying and so I finished my prayer quickly with a "please dont let my companion be dead" and went to help. The chair leg had broken through the plastic drain covering and she had fallen off, knocked all our shampoo and soap and things off the shelf and banged her arm and neck on the toilet.......... awwwww. hahah. Poor thing. SO, since I´m a lot taller than Sister Paixão, I tried to help her with the chuveiro. I didnt realize that she hadnt turned the off the electricity in the apartment yet...... So first thing I did was put my hand on the part with the wires and got shocked at 220 volts. WOOOOOOOOOOO. Yep. It hurt. hahaha.
In the midst of all this craziness, the pipe that pumps the water to the shower head out of the wall, came out of the hole in the wall. And since it was super worn down on the part where it screws in, we couldnt get it back in. No matter how much we tried, it wouldnt stay, and the shower head just kept falling down on our heads!
So, we made do with what we had, and took cold-water showers from a hole in the wall all week! hahaha.
okay, not all week............ but several days. Then the fix-it guys in the mission came to put in a new one............ only thing is that the new chuveiro burnt out as well. Sweet. We may not have warm water, but at least we arent taking showers from a hole in the wall now!
our broken shower
Another funny story-
We were walking and found a tree with a fruit they have in Belém, where Sister Paixão is from. She got super excited and started looking for a way to get this fruit (jambo) down. There was only fruit wayyyyy up high in the tree. So, after many failed attempts to shake some down I grabbed a rock to throw at it. Sister P. was like "yeah, great idea. you throw and I´ll catch the jambo" and I was like "no way, you have to move out of the way or this rock´ll fall on your head!!". She didnt listen to me and just told me to throw it anyways. FIRST THROW---- she got hit in the head with a rock. Yep. Told  her so. But in the end, we got the jambo down and all was well. =]
Sister Paixão with the jambo that took so much work to get down..............

and with the rock that fell on her head!! (dont blame me!! I warned her!)
More about our missionary work-
We have a good group of people we are teaching right now......... A good amount of people, but a lot of them just wont come to church!! Frustrating
We are teaching an old man named Claudio. He is living with his daughter in-law and grandkids who are members, and has been coming to church with them. He is very interested in learning more, and trying to quit smoking as a christmas present for his grandkids and change his life for the better. We are hoping to be able to work more with him this week!
We found a 12 year old girl this week named Gabriella. She is friends with a family in our ward, but we found her house randomly, making contacts on our way to another appointment. We taught about the restoration to her and her aunt, and left the book of mormon with them. We also invited them to be baptized, and Gabí was super excited about it all. She said a prayer to close our lesson, and it was the most adorable prayer I have ever heard. She said "Please bless me to know that this message is true, because I hope that it is true...." ahhhhhhhh. Her aunt started crying after she heard her neice pray. She had never heard her pray before!! Its funny to realize how you can take for granted things like praying as a family..... That isnt a normal thing for most people.
ALSO, Gabí came to church on sunday!! she came with her member friend Vitoria and their family, and she LOVED it. We are hoping to mark baptism with her for this coming weekend, or the next. All depending on if we can get in touch with her mom-- who lives outside our area in downtown campinas.....
Love you all!!
have the best week!!
Sister Ward

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