Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hey There Family of Mine!!!! (Jan. 21)

This week flew by once again.......... And I´d just like to sum up a little bit of the adventures..........
1. Did I tell you all that I HATE the bus system in Campinas??????? yep. It makes NO sense whatsoever........ Sister Moraes and I spent a large amount of time in downtown campinas, lost, trying to find a bus stop that actually had a bus that would take us back to our area......... We ended up walking in circles for a while.... haha. AND, later this week we took the wrong bus trying to leave from one neighborhood to another and ended up LEAVING our area and having to WALK back for about 40 minutes up and down hills........ SWEET. Good thing we like walking..... (**cough cough)
this is how you decide what street to knock doors.... Walk around till you find a SIGN with your NAME ON IT!!!!!!!!!!! =]
2. My companion woke up to me talking in my sleep a couple times this week............. And you may wonder, "why is this exciting???" WELL. Cause I was sleep talking in PORTUGUESE!!!! Wooooooooooooo!!! It probably isnt that big of a deal, since I still speak portuguese (and english....) WRONG all the time.... But I´m taking it as a good sign.
3. We got rained on a lot this week again............. Somehow, whenever it is raining a lot, my skirt gets completely soaked..... My companion says its cause I´m so tall that the umbrella is too far away from my skirt and only covering my head--- so it does no good. HMMM. Apparently in Japan they make umbrellas that have walls hanging down on all sides....... I think I´m gonna have to get one of those.
4. We started teaching a woman named Patricia that goes to our english class. She kept asking a TON of questions to the members in our english class, and so we marked to meet with her in the chapel and explain more. It was AWESOME. A recently returned missionary that goes to english class--Leandro, came to teach with us and it was a really good first lesson. She was just EXPLODING with questions and understanding everything perfectly! AH. It is really refreshing to finally teach people that GET IT, after spending days knocking doors and trying to explain to people that really dont care.... She hasnt come to church on sunday yet, but we´re hoping she´ll committ to coming soon....
5. We had a multi-zone conference this week and it was SO GOOD. Yep. We got a TON of ideas and help to figure out what we need to do better in our work.... and President Perrotti was just on fire telling us all how we need to step it up. Basically one of those conferences where you get completely broken down into nothing and then built back up again.... A little painful sometimes, but really good. I think that the missionary work in our whole mission will really improve over the next few months.....
6. Kesia and Michael are still progressing so well!! We weren´t able to meet with them at all this week until Sunday because of her work schedule.... BUT, they came to church again (3rd week in a row!!!) and loved it like always. =] They are just so excited to learn about everything! Loving the classes and the manuals and everything! The young men, and young mens leaders are ON FIRE with getting Michael involved, and the Relief Society is a litttttle bit slower to get on the ball, but they are adopting Kesia in too now. Everyone thinks that they are members already---- showing up to church for all the meetings, Kesia in a skirt and everything, coming to church with scriptures and manuals in hand..... One of the RS counselors even asked Kesia to be on the lunch schedule to give us lunch!! hahaha. It wasnt until WAY LATER in the conversation that she realized Kesia isnt a member.... OH, and when we passed around a sign up sheet for people to sign up to leave and teach lessons with us, Kesia signed up. She is that awesome. Point being- things are going really well at church.
We also were able to take Kesia to see the CES devotional of Pres. Uchtdorf. (link) In the devotional, he was talking all about the difference between BELEIF and TRUTH and it was sooooo good!! YOU can all go look it up on the BYU website as welll and enjoy the awesomeness of it!!  And somehow, it was PERFECT for Kesia..... I was a little nervous at the beginning wondering if he would even talk about something that applies to her--- as a single mom, not a member...... BUT, Pres. Uchtdorf went and blew all my worries out of the water and bore his testimony so powerfully about the restoration of the gospel and how all of us need to pray and ask to know for ourselves..... EXACTLY what we have been trying to help kesia with. AH. it was perfect.
ALSO, we planned for saturday to go to the TEMPLE with Kesia, Michael, Christain and Caio and we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! ahhh. Gonna go visit the temple, drive there in her MERCEDES, teach a FAMILY there on the temple grounds, and feel the spirit there. IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.
AND some other reasons why this week is going to be AWESOME.......... We finally got a ward mission leader that was called this week, so that is gonna help us out a bunch.... We passed around a sign up sheet in Releif Society for the Irmãs to plan to leave and teach with us and we have people planning to leave with us THREE DAYS this week.... We´re gonna try out some different ideas to avoid knocking doors as much for hours on end.... hahaha. AND.............. yep. Its just gonna be great. Dont even worry. 
Me inside Vitor´s play tent at a member family´s house..... Dont worry, I asked him first if I could go in..... He may or may not be old enough to know how to respond to that question, but he let me anyways.
Vitor in his tent..... (He was too scared to come in while I was still inside.... hahaha. He just pretended that he didnt want to play in the tent until I got out and went and sat farrrr away. )
 OH and today we are gonna go play at a cool park/place here in campinas! wooo. Its called O Taquoral. Or something like that........... BUT yeah, activity with the elders in our zone there today to start off our awesome week. 
Love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a good week!!!
Sister Ward 

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