Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rain, Rain, and More Rain... (Jan. 14)

Anybody know what day it is today?????!!!
Yep. that´s right today is offically the TEN MONTHS of mission mark!!!! WOOOO!!
hahaha. Just wanted to celebrate this important moment with you all!

This week was pretty rainy and cold. All week long. haha. It is a little strange when I am shivering and cold here to think that I am in BRASIL, in the SUMMER and I´m cold and having to use a sweater....... we´ll see what happens when I go back home to the snow...... yay.
I dont have a lot to say about this week................ spent a lot of time knocking doors in the rain and having only 1 or 2 people let us in in the entire day...... And we had to drop a lot of our investigators that just arent progressing, or dont want to work with us anymore..... And we found a few families of SUPER STRONG 7th day adventists while knocking doors, that spent a large amount of time lecturing us about the 10 commandments and how all of them, including the 4th commandment are still applicable today---and how that doesnt change, no matter what day of the week Christ was ressurrected.... People not understanding me on the phone (I think my accent is getting worse or something....)..........  and getting way soaked and having to use wet shoes cause ALL of our shoes are wet and dont get dry......OH and I bought my 4th umbrella on the mission this week cause I lost my last one--- smooth move.... . Yep. That sums most of it up.
Me and my new companion Sister Moraes, taking cover after getting completely SOAKED one day this week........... (I could wring the water out of my skirt)
OHHHH and we shared this little covering with a half-drowned rat that emerged from the sewer while we were standing there. Cool.
English class I used a bunch of those photos you sent me Mom, to teach about the 4 seasons. They loved it!!! Everyone loved getting to see pictures of my family, of our house in the states, snow and leaves in the fall, our canoeing trip, the pictures of the flowers at ?????? (oh gosh........... forgot the name of the park....... uhhhh. you know. the park that has the big tree, mom and dad got married there, and we go there every mother´s day??? cant remember.... shoot..... OH YEAH!!! FINCH ARBORETUM!!!). And we learned vocabulary from all the seasons and they asked really hard questions and I couldnt remember all the words to answer them......... FOR EXAMPLE, what is the name of the little floaty arm-bands that people put on their children??????? Also forgot the name for "inner-tube" until the day after english class when I was STILL stumped about it and trying to remember.............  You have no idea how frustrating and weird it is to forget things in english..... MAN.
Highlight of the week---
We´re still working with our little "miracle family". Kesia and her three sons, Michael, Cristain and Caio(who we havent actually met yet....). Kesia works late during the week, so we only get to see them on the weekends, (bummer, it´d be way more fun to teach them than knock doors in the rain!! haha). And Saturday when we went to teach them, we got a little bummed cause Michael and Kesia hadnt read anything in the book of mormon that we left with them and after taught and explained for them again about the restoration and baptism and everything, they still didnt want to get baptized. BUT DONT WORRY, it just takes time.
Sunday, was good though. They came to church all happy and excited.... Michael is loving all the classes with the young men, and nearly died of excitement when someone gave him a BOM/pearl of great price/D&C combo---- he was like "LOOK at what I got today!!!!", and Kesia had read what we left with her in the book of mormon and started reading again from the beginning just saturday night..... She also prayed like we asked her to, but she said she didnt get her answer yet..... I sure hope it comes soon.
As for a spiritual thought............ go read Pres. Uchtdorf´s talk (link) from conference in October on regrets and decisions...... It is great, and was the source of some of my goals for the new year. =]
OH and about my accent getting worse...................... this morning in our study time, me and my companion did our "inventario de dupla" where we tell eachother the things the other does well and what needs to improve.... My companion said how I need to study and work on my portuguese and my accent, and that with time, it´ll get better (yep, still waiting for that day....). THEN, just a little while later when we were getting ready to go downstairs to open the apartment door for the guy delivering our new tank of gas for the stove, she asked me if I was gonna get dressed in a skirt and everything. I was like "yeah, I´m not gonna go down there in pajamas.... I´m gonna put on a skirt and my nametag...". Instead of the word "plaqueta" that means "nametag" she heard "panqueca" that means "pancake"...... SWEET. She had to ask me about 5 times to repeat until I was yelling it to her.... then we both died laughing thinking about me getting dressed in my skirt and pancakes....... OH BROTHER. 
Remember how I complain about how much the members expect us to eat at lunches???? YEP. check out the plates!!! =]
have the best week!
 sister ward

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