Thursday, August 15, 2013

Adventures of This Week. (Jul. 8)

Well. this week was good. Some little problems made it interesting.....
like 1) My bag has officially died....... the buckle broke months ago and ever since then I was looping the strap through the broken buckle thing to hold it together.... now that broke too. hahaha. So now I get to TIE it every time I put it on.... hahah
2) After my bag broke, my shoe broke too!!! Dang it! This is my third pair of shoes!! Ones that I bought in Campinas. Argh. And the snap that snaps the strap shut came off..... We´re gonna go to one more store in center today to see if they can fix it. But we already tried 3 shoe-fix shops and no luck.... uh oh. Might just be using my sandals everyday for the next two months...... hahah. 
3) Spent a couple days with our cell phones not working to call or answer phone calls from ANYBODY!!! haha. So frustrating when it is Saturday night/Sunday morning and you have a bunch of people to call and confirm plans to take them to church...... ergh. Luckily, Irmã Dalva lives upstairs from us and let us use her phone. SCORE. 
4) We had our pancake activity this week.... Didn't go over quite as well as when we did it in Campinas.... but oh well. haha. When we started making the pancakes, we got about 12 pancakes cooked and the gas ran out. UH OH....... So the Irmão that was there went to the little shed that they keep the big things of gas in to check it out and help. The church has TWO gas canisters---so if one runs out, they can just switch to the other one and replace the one that ran out.... WELL, they BOTH had run out! hahah. So we had a huge pile of ingredients, a big mixing bowl full of batter, 12 (cold by this time....) pancakes and a room full of hungry/impatient kids and teenagers..... with NO GAS. 
hahah. They spent a good 40 minutes messing around with the gas canisters and trying to hook it up and see if they were really both empty.... but no luck. Eventually, we figured we would just have to make do without pancakes. But the Irmão didn't give up and sent someone just to buy gas, at 8:20 and got it all hooked up and going with time for us to make pancakes for everyone and Sister Menden and I still get home at 9:30. hahahaha. What an adventure. 
Did I mention that Brazilians think maple syrup is the coolest thing in the WORLD???!

Otherwise, this week was pretty normal. 
We started working more and looking for new people in a different neighborhood this week. It's a poorer neighborhood where we have our small group sacrament meeting Sunday afternoons. You have to take a bus/van to get out there and they drop you off/pick you up on the side of the freeway. 
We´ve been trying to be careful not to stay when it gets dark...... harder than it seems folks. hahah. but we´re being safe, so no worries. 
One day we were trying to find the house of a lady that we had met on the street. She had explained to us "oh, just follow this road and keep going and going and going until the pay phone..." 
Yep. She basically lives in the middle of NOWHERE, in the jungle (not really but almost....) with the only payphone for miles.... hahah. BUT, we found her house. =] We taught them the first lesson--- an adorable little family (not married, unfortunately) and they wanted to come to church. Their little girl got sick though and they couldn't make it.... ergh. 

We´ve been working with Giovana´s family still. Last week, we taught Laura about how important it is to come to church.....and she had scheduled a work appointment RIGHT during the middle of sacrament meeting.... but after we talked with her and explained how the Lord would bless her with peace, and more success in her work if she kept the Sabbath holy, she told us she would change it. 
Well, she did and was there that Sunday. When we talked with her this week she started explaining about all the miracles that happened because of that.... She works at a company that sells and installs in-ground pools, and they have goals for how much they need to sell every week and every month.... Basically, she said that in this past week, she was able to make soooo many good sales that she won a weekly premium, and practically closed out what she needs to sell in the ENTIRE month! She was very impressed. She was like "sister, you said I would be blessed for coming to church, and it happened!!" 
Wow. Miracles happen. They were at church again this Sunday. =]

Oh and this week was 4th of July!!! 
Sister Menden started off the day super patriotic-----singing the national anthem and every American song she could think off...... That actually lasted pretty much the whole day. I think we sang parts of every patriotic hymn in the hymnbook, the Air Force song, Yankee Doodle, and a bunch of other super obnoxious American songs.... hahaha. Just about every time during the day that we left a house and started walking on the road alone again, Sister Menden started singing..... Then, to close out the day, we stopped by the grocery store and bought Doritos, Twix and Milky Way. yeahhhhh. AMERICAN. 

Love you all and hope you have a good week!

Sister Ward

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