Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here Comes the Countdown... (Aug. 12)

Well folks.

This week was busy and we worked a lot. 
We´ve been planning a bunch of activities and things for the ward and the Grupo do Tanque.... 
Been keeping busy. 
Our activity this week. Noite dos Jogos!! (game night) We got two new investigators to teach from this activity!! And they came to church on Sunday!
We started teaching a lot of people. 
José is still working towards baptism, but got a few problems in the way still..... We´ve been trying to help him but he makes it challenging cause he talks so much!! haha.

We also started teaching a very simple family in Tanque (the poor neighborhood where we have another sacrament meeting in the afternoon). The sisters that were here about a year ago were teaching them and they already went to church a few times.... This Sunday they went again! The grandma and the mom both suffered strokes and have some problems speaking, reading, and walking. But they are a great little family and want to do whats right. 
Rafaela-- the daughter, is 10 and is awesome. She wants to get baptized and read the Book of Mormon out loud to her mom and grandma. Her brother Felipe is a little rebellious and we haven't been able to teach him yet..... 
One of the shortcuts in TANQUE
well. gonna tell about this week in pictures.... way more entertaining.
Last week on pday!! We spent the day with the Nascimento family, playing Foosball, Uno, Mancala and other games.... This family is so great.
Our makeshift Mancala board. My side is the one that says WINNER. hahaha.
Lunch with the other sisters in our district after district meeting on Tuesday! Sister Alexandre (minha filha!!), ME, Sister Moraes (one of my companions!), Sister Sá, Sister Gómez, Sister Ware and Sister Littell. THERE ARE SO MANY NEW SISTERS IN OUR MISSION NOW!!!! ahhhh.
Our "anti-barata" work in the bathroom! There is this hole in the wall of the bathroom in our house that tons of COCKROACHES like to come in from outside.... one time, we found 9 cockroaches in our house in 24 hours..... EWWWWW. Sister Menden killed them ALL. hahah. LOVE YOU SISTER MENDEN!!! haha. So me and Sister Alexandre bought some window screen netting and stopped the problem!!! Our bathroom has been BARATA-FREE ever since!! yep, yep, i know, we are geniuses.... =]
We had TACOS for lunch the other day!!! YESSSSSSSS. I know it might be hard for some of you to believe, but Brazilian food is NOTHING like Mexican food...... Tacos are soo good!!!
Found my name on a wall!!!! haha
THIS week was "take pictures of everything week"
This next week will be "take pictures of everything cause you´ve only got two more weeks left!" week,
and the NEXT week will be "take pictures of everyone, everything, the weird food and random things you find on the street week cause you are gonna miss it here in three weeks" week. 


Nobody here is letting me forget that I´m going home in two weeks..... Bishop already asked me to give a "farewell talk" in sacrament meeting and is planning an activity/goodbye party for the weekend before I leave...... 
Every time Irmão Gil (the ward secretary) runs into me he makes some comment like "look at her well, cause she´s not gonna be here for much longer!!!" or starts singing random Brasilian songs that I don't know about people leaving..... hahah 
Me and Leticia (aka Sister PIZZA...), the bishop's little daughter when we were waiting for him after the meeting in Tanque. We asked Leticia (who is 4 by the way...) what her name would be as Sister..... she answered "Sister Pízza!!" and it stuck. hahaha.
But, trying to forget about it cause we are going to be really busy these next couple weeks. We´ve got a lot of people to teach!! and so much to do!! 
Me and Sister Alexandre walking to the lanhouse this morning!!!!

Sister Ward

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