Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hey Folks. (Jun 17)

Hey everyone!!
okay. So I´m having a really hard time concentrating right now to write this email.... 
Did I mention that the lady at our lan house is playing music?? Like, REAL music???!! Very distracting. Right now she is playing Kean.....a couple weeks ago it was Maroon 5........ and now its Coldplay...... ahhhh. so distracted. 

okay. Moving on. 
This week was good!
Despedida for the twins who left on missions this last week!!! Rafael and Daniel...... Dont ask me which one is which cause I can't ever remember.......  they are the 2nd and 3rd missionaries to leave from this ward just in the time I´ve been here!!!
We are teaching a new family. 
The mom---Laura, has been a member almost her whole life, but went inactive when she moved to Atibaia about 7 years ago.... Her daughter Julia (16 yrs) was baptized here, but they never started coming to church again regularly. Her other daughter---Giovanna is 10, and has been going to church with her Grandma in the nearby city, Bragança. Giovanna LOVES church, LOVES primary, LOVES reading the Book of Mormon with her grandma or her mom, and the first time we went to visit them and invited her to be baptized, she told us that she wants to! 
So we´ve been teaching them this week...... Julia might already be a member, but she doesnt remember much about the church because they have been inactive since she was about 10..... So we are reviewing everything. 
As we´ve been teaching them, they´ve gotten so excited! Julia started talking about the church to her boyfriend and even gave him a Book of Mormon!! 
Laura is also living with someone, but not married, so we have been trying to help her prepare to get married and all that stuff...... But she also wants us to start teaching him as well... He´s pretty quiet and kind of scared of us, so it might be a little difficult... hahah. 
But things are going really well with them, and Giovanna has a baptismal date for Sunday after our stake conference!!

Our other awesome investigator is Auria. 
She is engaged and will be getting married super soon to a recent convert, and will be joining a big family of members. Week before this, they called us up to tell us that she wanted to be baptized that Sunday!! So we started teaching her and she is super excited. Her religious background is a lot different ( she was espirita-----dont know that in english------- for 10-15 years.....) and so it makes it interesting to teach her. 
She is progressing well, but works a TON........ which makes it very hard to teach.... She also hurt her arm at work on Saturday, went to the hospital and didnt come to church Sunday.... bummer. 
But we should be able to meet with her this week and get things all worked out for her baptism. =]

Saturday, started off a soccer tournament..... The confederation cup????? Not sure..... Point being.... When Brasil plays, NOBODY is on the street..... and nobody wants to answer their door either! hahaha. 
Brasil played Japan on Saturday and that was our first taste of how its gonna be for every single Brasil game over the next couple weeks..... yayyyyyy. 
So glad I wont be a missionary here during the world cup!!!! hahaha. 
But Sister Menden will!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahaha. 
Gonna find my Brasil shirt this week to be able to join in on the cheering..... 

I love you all!!!!!!!!
Hope you all are doing well and have the best week!!!!!!!
Making brownies for our mini English class. hahaha.
BIGGEST pan of brownies EVER.............
PS----------- Coldplay is STILL playing......... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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