Wednesday, August 14, 2013


AKA---- Atibaia´s birthday today!!

Hey everyone!!!
Well, so I don't have much time today, but here goes....

Today, is a holiday in the entire city to celebrate Atibaia's 348ish years..... hahah. Naturally, nobody works, and they have a huge parade, shows, a partying in the entire city.... 
So, we are also having a party! PDAY!!! 
We are here right now with a bunch of the YSA girls from the ward, (the girls who are all getting ready to leave on missions.... Renata, Isadora, Isabela, Bianca, and Julia.)
This morning, we got to see part of the parade!!!! All the elementary schools walk through the parade with their fanfare groups????? (don't know the worddssss... you know, like trumpets and horns and people waving banners and stuff. ) FUN. 
And they have an apparently world-famous professional fanfare group called FAMA that performed at the end of the parade.... sweet. 

Then we went and bought stuff to make food and made pasta in the pressure cooker (GENIUS) and now we are emailing real quick from their house because ALL THE INTERNET PLACES IN ATIBAIA ARE CLOSED!!!!!!! Rude. 

Anyways. Fun day. Gonna play some games and maybe watch a church movie after this!

But moving on to this week!!!

We have been teaching them all week and it has been so GOOD to work with this family... 
Giulia (aka Julia...) is so excited to start coming back to church, and Giovana was so nervous and excited for her baptism! So cute! 
Giovana wanted us to come over ALL THE TIME (like multiple times a day....) to read the Book of Mormon with them.... And she always asked us to explain words to her.... hahah. like "atonement" "abundance" and random words that I didn't even know! hahah
They are adorable though. 
The baptism was great.... A lot of things went wrong.... like all the members showing up late, the baptism starting an HOUR after the time we said, the water didn't heat up fast enough...... etc. 
BUT, it was very spiritual and special. I don't think I should say it was my favorite baptism we´ve had, but, it was very cool.
After the baptism, we sang "I like to look for rainbows" with all the young women that were there and it was sooo special. It was especially cool to see her mom´s face as we were having the service and while we were singing..... She KNOWS she needs to come back to church and repent! 
This week, we are planning to take their family to the temple. 
I love this family so much!

Yesterday, we also had our stake conference in Itatiba. SO COOL. 
The ward rented out TWO BUSES to take everyone out there. SWEET. 
Presidente and Sister Perrotti spoke, our stake president--Pres. Kawai, and Elder Massagarde from the area seventy. Very cool. 

We also got to watch the missionary work broadcast yesterday with was SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!
AH!!!! Loved it!!!
I hope that its online for people to go watch!!! If so, GO WATCH IT!!!! 

Almost forgot!!
I PLAYED A VIOLIN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
We were walking around downtown looking for an internet place and walked by a hair cut shop with just a guy sitting there playing VIOLIN!!! AH!
SO I freaked out a little and then the 5 girls we were with were all like "GO PLAY!!! GO ASK HIM TO PLAY IT!!!"
So they all went up to him and asked if I could play it..... hahah. And I did. For a glorious ten minutes.... awwwwwww.  
Did I mention that I haven't even TOUCHED a violin since April??????? Yep. a long time. 
but don't worry, I didn't forget how to hold the thing yet..... hahaha. 

Love you guys so much!!! 
need to go now!
pictures next week!!

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