Thursday, August 15, 2013

Milagres Sao Reais = Miracles Are Real (Jul. 29)

This week was good here!!
We´ve had some miracles here in the work!
Last week, I think I said that a lady named Sueli came to church....
Well, we´ve been teaching her all week and she´ll be getting baptized this week!! She is AMAZING! Like I said last week, she´s about 55 and years ago went to the church in Guarulhos for about 4 months, was taught by missionaries, wanted to get baptized but DIDNT because she was living with someone and not married.
Now, she´s single and wants to be baptized!
When we taught the 1st lesson she told us that she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, knows the Book of Mormon is true and wanted to be baptized.
In our other visits she told us that she feels ready and prepared to be baptized. WHAT??!
We originally marked her baptism for yesterday, but she had to go out of town.... so we re-marked for this weekend.
Saturday night she came with us to watch the elders´ baptismal service and LOVED it.
When we taught her about the plan of salvation she had a ton of questions and was so happy to get answers and read with us the scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon that backed up what we were talking about.
She is very busy and works a lot, but gets so happy when we come over and puts everything on hold and runs to grab her scriptures so we can teach her.
SERIOUSLY, this lady is so prepared.
We´ve already taught just about everything she needs...... so this week we´ll just be helping her with any last questions, reading the Book of Mormon with her and have the elders do the baptism interview!
We started teaching a man named José. He lives alone and is 57.
We found him when we walked by his door on a FREEZING cold day.... as we walked by, we felt like we should ring his doorbell..... so we did! And he came out and we started talking to him there at his door in the freezing wind..... aaaaahhhh. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
We talked to him there for about 40 minutes.
He is having a really hard time right now suffering with a lot of stuff that happened in his life and trying to repent of a lot of things.... When we rang his doorbell he was praying asking god to help him..... The spirit really does have perfect timing... =]
He came to church this Sunday, and really enjoyed it.
He completely changed the topic of our gospel principles class with his questions.... hahah. and he talks a LOT. ergh. Gonna have to learn patience this week!!
In sacrament meeting he started crying during some of the talks.
I hope that what they said helped him!
We´ll be teaching him more this week!
So.. I said that it was cold this week.
And maybe you all don't believe me cause, well, it is BRASIL, and Brasil is supposed to be HOT.
Let me tell you------- that´s all LIES!
Here in atibaia, it was SO COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About 5 celsius (41 degrees F)......
I almost froze to death.
I think we had these super cold temperatures to help me prepare for the snowy winter in Utah/Washington.... yikes.
I didnt like it very much.
The sun came out again today and I am much happier! hahah.
But the cold was kind of entertaining......
We put on ALL of our sweaters (at once) and jackets and I put on TWO skirts, stockings and SWEATPANTS under my skirts!!! hahaha.
It was still cold!
Getting ready for a cold day!!! That's right folks! Sport pants ROLLED up under my skirt!!! hahaha. They didnt stay rolled up for long walking, so I had to pin up the rolls with paper clips!!! hahahahah. CLASSY.
ALSO, my comp is from Bahia, where it is only ever HOT. Very hot.
When we left our house in the morning, you could see your breath. Sister Alexandre started JUMPING up and down with excitement, "look sister!!! Look at the smoke coming from my mouth!!!"
hahha. She had never seen anything like that before.
Sister Alexandre showing us the "smoke" because of the cold!!! hahaha
BTW--- they dont have heaters, or hot water in the sinks here...... so it gets REALLY COLD in your house..... yikes. We lit up our gas oven and used it to heat up the house a little bit in the mornings...... hahahaha. I figured it was a pretty smart idea! =]
OH! and we were having our little mini-English class Saturday and there were so many funny English mess-ups..... hahahah.
I was asking one of the kids---Warley, a question.... I think it was "do you like strawberries?" or something like that. Afterwards, he replied and said he did, and then i said "ME TOO". HE  misunderstood what I said and thought that I said "mentiu" which means "you lied!" hahahaha. So he replied back angrily "MENTIU NADA!!" to say that he wasnt lying! hahahaha. Oh brother.
Sister Alexandre also told the class that she likes "LICE and beans....."
And the word "THIRD" pronounced by brazilians sounds surprisingly like turd.....
Ohh brother.
Gonna have to call it quits on the stories for today.
Me and my new companion!!! Sister SAPA!!! (aka. Sister Frog!!!) hahahaha.
Love you all so much!!!
Scripture for the week: Alma 26:27-30
Love you!
Sister Ward

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