Sunday, August 4, 2013


WELL, I don't have any good april fool´s jokes for you all...........

This week has been REALLY busy..... ah.
 Well. okay. 
This is our stake president. Yep. He is THE BOSS.
This week we found a LOT of new people.... We started working in a different area and I am SUPER excited to work more there!! The people are WAY nicer and haven't heard much about the church yet. It is gonna be great!
Wednesday this week, Sister Bispo woke up sick.... Well, actually, I think she didn't really sleep well the night before cause she was already getting sick.... And Wednesday, cause she is super dedicated and stubborn, she got up at 6:30 like normal, and got all ready for the day and started studying... It wasn't until I basically FORCED her to go to her bed, that she went and laid down.... and then she kept studying in her bed, until I finally told her she needed to sleep or she wouldn't get better and I wouldn't let us leave the house to work. hahah. 
We bought her medicine, I made her food (believe it if you can folks... haha) and then she slept the ENTIRE day. I almost went crazy in that house by myself  with her sleeping!! AH!
Thankfully, it was only one day. 

Sunday was cool. We have been having a really hard time lately with having investigators to teach...... None of our investigators have been progressing and we don't know what else to do... But Sunday, before we left to go to church, we had NOBODY that was coming to church....which is always pretty depressing.... But, we prayed before we left our house that the Lord would bless us with some MIRACLES of people showing up at church. Turns out, FIVE people just showed up there for the first time!!! Three of them left and didn't stay for sacrament meeting, but I´m still amazed that they even came! And Késia and her three boys came TOGETHER, and two people brought friends to church. AH. That is a LOT of investigators at church!! And two new people for us to teach this week!! Such miracles! 
Maxiny (a girl that I met in the CTM in São Paulo) came to visit her family here on Easter and brought us chocolate eggs! Everyone buys these chocolate eggs here, but they are REALLY expensive, so we didnt even think about buying one... haha. But, Maxiny came and brought me my FIRST chocolate easter egg! Sister Bispo didnt believe me when I told her I had never tried one before... hahah.

I keep forgetting to mention this........ but remember Rodrigo?? I have been visiting him and his mom since I got to this area, and he started coming back to church about a month or two ago... AND a couple weeks ago he got a calling at church! Actually, TWO callings. He is one of the young men´s counselors AND ward executive secretary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH! SO COOL. 


I have to go, 
Have the BEST week!!

Sister Ward

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