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Lots of Rain, Miracles, and TEACHING! (Apr. 15)

I hope you are all well!
This week was a good one! crazy like always, but things are taking a turn for the better here in Campinas 3.....
TUESDAY, we had an AWESOME day FULL of teaching appointments!!!
I dont know how it happened, but somehow all of our marked appointments DIDNT fall through, and we were able to teach all day long!
it was great, miracles, BLESSINGS, AH. 
When we got to lunch at a member's house, THIS was waiting for us there!! one of their daughters-- Viviane (9 years old??) LOVES us and drew this for us to welcome us!! haha. So cute!
 Our last appointment was the best.....
We went back to teach a family that we had found knocking doors in the new neighborhood that we are working in-- Castelo Branco.
The family is a young couple and their 2 1/2 year old daughter.... André, Aparecida and Marianna.
André and Aparecida are MARRIED (LEGALLY MARRIED GUYS!!!! WOOO!) and they are an adorable little family..... we spent our time there that night just answering a lot of their questions and explaining only a little about about Joseph Smith and the restoration... But they were SUPER interested and we left a pamphlet with them and marked another night to come back!
Friday, we went back to teach them! Unfortunately, André wasnt home, because he works a random schedule and they forgot that he would be working that night......... BUT, we taught Aparecida and it was AWESOME. We taught the first lesson, about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and she was paying so much attention the whole time!! She understood EVERYTHING, actually wanted to know, and listened to us the whole time! MAN. It is so GREAT when people actually WANT you to teach them....
We invited her to be baptized, and she accepted!! We marked a date for April 28th. (yep, my birthday guys.... really hope this works out. =]) She was excited to read and pray about the Book of Mormon as well....... Seems like everything will go very well with them!! Only problem will be André´s weird schedule and working things out to come to church..... They couldnt come this last sunday, but I am HOPING and praying that this Sunday will be the day!
The rest of this week was okay......... a lot of our appointments fell through...... it rained a TON on Friday and Saturday and pretty much NOBODY answered when we went by...
It rained SO MUCH!!! We were pretty much drenched all day long on Saturday.... hahah. Got drenched even with my umbrella.... Dont know why, but whenever it rains, my skirt ALWAYS gets wet.... doesnt matter how I try to hold my umbrella... Not sure if I´m just retarded at using umbrellas, or just so tall that my skirt is just too far away from the umbrella... hahaha.
We had our multi-zone conference this week and it was AWESOME as well. President had told everyone about a week ahead of time to study up on the doctine of christ (2 Nephi 31) because he would randomly choose ONE person to teach about it for 30 min. - 1hour. YIKES! hahah. So we were all DYING stressing out a little..... Sister Bispo especially was freaking out.... for about... yep, the entire week before hand... the night before she was still writing out what she would say and I had to tell her "Sister Bispo.... GO TO BED." hahaha. then she got up EARLY just to finish..... BUT, like I said all along, President DIDNT choose her to do it.... Instead he picked our District Leader- Elder Sears (who only got here in November, but speaks Portuguese like a professional....) and he did a great job.... but President Perrotti sure enjoyed building up the moment, having us all write out our names on slips of paper to put in a bag and then he picked one out in front of all of us.. hahah. I´m still not sure if Elder Sears was the name he pulled out, or if he just had decided all along that he would choose Elder Sears... haha. 
All the sisters in our zone at the Multi-zone meeting. Sister Moraes is serving in our zone, so I still get to see her every week!
I´m about out of time already....
Let me just say that TONIGHT we are going to have a family night with Kesia, and her boys! WOOOO! We havent been able to teach them since Sister Moraes was transferred...... so I am REALLY excited! Seems like we have figured out a solution to the problem of her crazy schedule and not being able to teach in their house cause her mom hates us..... FAMILY NIGHTS!!! We´ll see how it goes! They all have been coming to church fairly regularly... only missed three Sundays since January, and they are so awesome! we are praying for things to go well tonight.


Sister Ward
HIS PICTURE IS FOR FEISTNER, PEDERSEN, SEVERO, and anyone else who knows what I´m talking about..... WE GOT NEW MISSION CELL PHONES!!! wooo! and for those of you who remember the terrible red mission cell phones, you can imagine my JOY at getting a new cell phone that actually WORKS. hahaha.
Find the joy in the little things. =]

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