Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just Lovin Atibaia (May 20)

Good morning Atibaia!!!
the millions of emails waiting for me today was the BEST. Man. you guys are the best!!

As for anouncements.................. This week, Elder Conner from the office called me up to ask me a scary question..... namely "so Sister Ward, which airport will you be going home to??" Because they are booking my FLIGHT HOME right now!!!!!!!!!
Okay. So, done with being dramatic.... but yep. I will be leaving here on August 26th and probably getting home late on the 27th..... for all of you folks who are dying to plan the partyings.... hahah.
Lots of stuff happened this week so lets just sum it up real fast.... got completely worn out hiking pedra grande last week, then we had to spend the whole next day in Campinas sorting out Sister Menden´s visa, then my cold I´ve been getting for weeks completely took me over and I got sick and we had to go back home for most of the afternoon on wednesday, andddd lots of stuff fell through, but its all good. 
 Me and Sister Menden before hiking pedra grande!
an example of some of what we had to hike up..... yep. it was entertaining....
on the actual "pedra grande"
View of ATIBAIA from the top!!!! This is almost all our area guys!!!!!
Our group at the top!!!
 We´ve been working a lot with Luana and her sister..... It is going well, but Luana is still a little unsure about baptism.... So we are trying to help her with her doubts and worries. We were very excited for her AND her sister (finally!) to come to church with us, but they went to a free show downtown saturday night, didnt get home till way late, and then didnt come to church the next day..... bummer.
Actually, none of our investigators came to church this week due to various problems/excuses.......... nooooooooooo.
Yep. Pretty frustrated with the brazilian custom of tellling people you will do something, and then never doing it.... Cool.
But, otherwise things are going well.........
Since Sister Menden is still in training, we are studying lots and watching lots of preach my gospel movie clips that are gonna help us be AWESOME missionaries. Yeah, thats right folks.
What do missionaries do for fun after getting home and changing into pajamas at ten pm????? Make some popcorn and watch "the district" for the last half hour until bed......... I know you all are jealous.
Today, we had an awesome pday.
We spent the entire day with the wonderful Nascimento family.... Aka--Renata´s family, the family with 11 kids that always take care of us.... They are the best.
Well, we got invited over to play volleyball with them on the teeeeensy little "volleyball court" that they set up in the back yard/area. It was great fun. We wore ourselves out playing volleyball with everybody until Renata made the smooth move of hitting the ball over the back wall and into the scary old lady´s yard..... (uh oh....come on Renata!!! jk jk.) Turns out, the lady doesnt like kids and noise very much, so she doesnt get along to well with her backyard neighbors.... haha. But, one of the girls peeked over the wall, decided that the coast was clear, jumped the wall and grabbed the ball and climbed back over again! haha. Not sure how she did that, since these walls between everyone´s houses are generally HUGE, but, we were able to get the ball back and play some more. Later on, one of the other girls hit the ball back over the wall, never to be found again..... woops. But, there is a plan in action now to put up a giant net wall and buy a new volleyball, so next pday party will be a blast. =] hahaha.
Yep, but I love hanging out with this family. They are wonderful. And it reminds me of all the craziness at home when we have get-to-gethers with all the cousins. Did I mention that they make a point of always coming to our sacrament meeting in the tanque (the neighborhood far away that has a seperate small meeting) just so they can drive us home afterwards so we dont have to try to catch the bus in the dark on the scary freeway??? Yep. they are angels. 
Alright, well I love you ALL!!!!!! 
have the best week!!!
Sister Ward

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