Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Andddd We're Gonna Stay in ATIBAIA!!! (Jun. 3)

So, first things first...... we got our transfer news last night...... and me and Sister Menden are STAYING IN ATIBAIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!
our happy "we get to stay in ATIBAIA" picture!!!!
okay. so that´s about all I have to say about this week...... 
just kidding. 

okay. so this week...........
me and Sister Menden (maybe mostly Sister Menden.... haha) were getting pretty nervous about transfers........ 
waiting for the elders to call last night about transfers!!! THEY TOOK SO LONGGGGGGG!!!! They didn't call till 10:10 pm!!!! ACK! Practically killed us waiting!! ALSO, this was the last official transfer before the mission will split practically in half to form the new mission PIRACICABA.... But, since we are staying here, me and Sister Menden should be staying in the Campinas mission!
I also got extremely exhausted, it got SUPER cold and rainy here, and I got sick.... hahahaha. yayaaaaa. 
It is officially cold/flu season and everyone´s catching it.... 
Dont worry, we are missionaries. so we´re NOT allowed to die because of cold/flu season! =]
hehe. But really, we are doing great and super healthy now, so DONT WORRY.

other important things....
WORST news is that Luana didnt get confirmed yet!!!! AGH!
she has problems with..... gastrich.... uhhh.... dont know what that is in English.... AH. ummmm. yep. But it is a problem in your stomach... 
GREAT help, I know.... 
Point being, is that Saturday night she started to have a lot of stomach pain, didn't sleep all night, and wasn't able to go to church Sunday morning..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Hopefully, it is just that..... and everything will be fine this week for her to get confirmed Sunday! 

Sunday at church was the BEST testimony meeting I have ever been to....
Have any of you seen a ward where the people start lining up in the front to bear testimony the MOMENT the sacrament is done being passed and BEFORE the bishop turns the time over for testimonies???!
Yep, that´s how this ward is..... INSANE!!
But it was way cool. 
Next cool thing........ from the bishop´s testimony to start it off, until the last testimony, the theme of the meeting was MISSIONARY WORK. 
This ward has several missionaries in the field currently, and a bunch more that are leaving soon and/or preparing to leave in the next year..... Before the end of the year, there will be EIGHT missionaries serving from this ward!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT??!
Several people also shared experiences about teaching/working with us in the last couple weeks, or about when we came and shared a message with their family! 
Trying to visit a recent convert family that lives on the other side of this scary bridge and fence.... hahaha. Sister Menden found it rather funny, me standing on this bridge, in the rain, trying to get a hold of this family on the phone.....
 One Irmão from the ward started talking about the conversation that we had when we ate lunch with their family this past week.... During lunch, I started asking him about how they found out about the church and how they accepted the missionaries and what they were teaching.... 
 Their experience was actually a very cool one.... This family is from another state here in Brasil, the state of Bahia. After they moved here to Atibaia, missionaries knocked at their house. This was about 3 or 4 years ago. He told us that the first time the elders came by, only his wife was home. They came back several times after that, but they never wanted to let them in and made up excuses.... But the elders didnt give up and kept coming back. Finally, this Irmão decided to let them in so they could "say what they had to say and then leave them alone"..... Well. That´s not exactly how it happened afterwards..... They said what they had to say, and this Irmão decided to go to church that Sunday..... His wife was very pregnant at the time, but after she had the baby, she came to church as well.... They got baptized and have an adorable family of 4 kids and are currently preparing to go through the temple and be sealed as a family. 
So cool. 
I always like to ask the members about their conversion experiences, so I didn't think anything of asking about it that day...... but when he got up to bear his testimony about it, it was crazy to see the difference that it made for him to be reminded of that special time in his life. The change that the gospel brought to their life. 
It was very cool. 

Anyways. It was a very special testimony meeting and I am SO EXCITED for all these young missionaries heading out from this ward!! there are three more elders leaving this month, and a group of 4 sisters preparing to leave within the next year!!! So cool! 
This ward is really gonna change lives!! 
After church on Sunday with the 4 preparing "sisters" in our ward!!!
that is about all I have to say for today....
My companion Sister Menden in the rain!!!! GUYS, she is from Arizona..... and never gets rain. So here, she gets INSANELY excited everytime she even THINKS that it might rain!!! haha. She does a happy rain dance when it actually starts raining...... hahahahaha.
I hope you all have a great week!!!
love you all SO MUCH!!!

Sister Ward

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