Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting TRANSFERED for My Birthday (Apr. 22)

Thanks for all the lovely emails this week!!! You guys are the best!
WELL, that´s right, we have transfers tomorrow morning and I´m leaving!!
Actually, my companion and I are both leaving!!!! AH!
And where we will go, no one knows..... okay, so probably President knows, but we don't find out till tomorrow morning.....EESH!
About this week-
We had our NOITE FAMILIAR with Kesia and her youngest--- Cristian.
The lesson was kind of a crazy disaster.... but it worked out in the end. We were talking about the  Book of Mormon (because she had told us that she has doubts about it before...) and then she interrupted us to say "But I dont have any doubts that the Book of Mormon is true..."
YEP. I didnt know what to say after that...
Then, the host  of our family night-Presidente Silva said "Well, lets fill up the font then!"
hahahh. We talked about baptism, but something is still holding her back....... It seems like just her fear to change. To change things in her life. But since we were at a family night with a lot of people, it wasnt exactlly a good situation to ask more question to figure out exactly what is holding her back.
Sunday, Kesia and family didnt come to church......... BUT, she sent us a text afterwards explaining that she went to another chapel in center to take a friend of hers who lives there to the church!!!! WHATTTTTT???! SHE IS SO AWESOME!!!! AH!
I hope whichever missionaries that come here can help her to just get baptized already!
Sadly, it didnt work out teach Andre and Aparecida this week.... Their little daughter got an ear infection and so Aperecida went to the hospital to take care of her, and just Andre was at home. So we couldnt actually go in to teach him. But, he said that he has been reading the Book of Mormon and is super interested. He said he would make a page of questions for us to answer the next time we went there..... YEAH!
We marked to teach them this week and take a member couple with us to meet them..... BUT, we wont be here anymore! ah.
We have been working a lot with Irmã Joanna (She is the mother of Rodrigo, the guy we helped come back to church and who is now ACTIVE and working as the ward ex. secretary!) to help her come back to church.
She told us how she has been reading and praying to know if the BOM is true and that she got her answer! Then she told us that she wanted to come back to church.
Last week, we tried to help her to go, but, she got scared and didnt. THIS week, we tried again, and again, she bailed.........
But, on our way to use the computers just now,we ran into her on the steet...... and had to tell her that we both are leaving. SIDENOTE--- she cried A LOT when Sister Moraes left and told us that she didnt want to know when we were going to leave....
Yep. She started crying talking to us and then told us that wherever we are, they will send us updates and we will hear about her coming back to church. Awwwwww.
I hope she really does.
Inline image 1
 Heres a photo for you all!!! WE got a  hold of a VIOLIN this week, and then had a little jam session after our zone meeting. AHHHHHH! So much happiness!!! 
I am so excited to get to my new area tomorrow and find out where I will be!!! AH!
Not sure if Sister Bispo and I will stay together or not.........Ah.
Hope you all have the best week!!!!!!!!!
Sister Ward

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