Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rain or Shine... Here in Atibaia (Jul. 22)

Hey family!!!!

Hope you´re not all dying of heat up there!!! hahah. 
Here its been pretty good temperatures..... not too cold, not too hot, and just a couple rainy days..... Jealous???  =]
hmmmm..... let me just whip out my TWO WATCHES to check the time...... gotta love Sister Menden.... =]
This week, Sister Menden got transferred and I picked up my new companion... 
Last Monday, we spent our pday getting her stuff together, and saying goodbye to people. Crazy how attached you get in such a short amount of time.... I´m not looking forward to my turn here in 5 weeks...... erghhh. 
Did I mention all the crying involved????! Oh boy. Not gonna be fun. 
Last pday with Sister Menden....... goodbye party at the pastelaria.... hahah.
Tuesday, we went into Campinas early in the morning to switch companions at the rodaviaria (bus station). Funnnnn. I love waking up at 5am!!! NOT. and taking my companion´s THREE suitcases up the stairs and smashing them in the little nascimento family car...... hmmm. ahh Sister Menden. haha. 
My LAST TRANSFER and last time at the rodaviaria in Campinas to switch companions....... WOW. Here with some of the missionaries that will be going home with me.... 6 weeks!!! (now it is just 5......AH!)
 WELL, that afternoon I went with the other sisters picking up newbies and got my companion! My companion is Sister Alexandre from Salvador, Bahia BRASIL. She´s 23 and has been a member for 2 years. She´s super nice, hardly eats anything (a big problem here with the Irmãs who like to force us to eat a TON... haha) and quiet (but not as quiet as Sister Menden.... heheh). She already knows how to teach like a rockstar and our work is going really well. 
Me and my new companion--- Sister Alexandre from Bahia (she might look american folks, but that´s just to trick ya!!)
Our first couple days here together, all our appointments fell through and I possibly walked her almost to death, so she is having a great breaking in to the mission............. hahaha. 

We spent a lot of time trying to find new investigators without much success this week..... walking a lot, talking to a lot of people, knocking doors, but not getting to teach much..... 
We did have a few cool lessons. 
We taught a young lady named Eliene. She is SUPER cool and way prepared, but not sure if she knows it yet. She asked a lot of questions but is scared to committ to anything.... She didnt even want to come to church.... But, if she really does read and pray, it´ll work out. 

When we were knocking doors Saturday, we found a lady named Sueli. She said that years ago, she was going to church for about 4 months and would´ve been baptized but was living with someone at the time and couldn't.... She told us she would come to church Sunday. And guess what??? She did!! This week we´re gonna go visit her and start teaching her...... Sounds like she was already taught years and years ago, so who knows! maybe she´s ready now! 

I almost forgot!!! At transfers, I got to talk with the elders that are in Campinas 3!!!  And I got to see pictures of Késia and Michael´s baptism!!!!! woooo!!! and they are teaching Caio and Cristian right now!!! I guess Késia and Michael got baptized in May-ish, and now Késia has a calling as secretary in the Relief Society!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! =] =] so happy. 
And Rodrigo is still doing well and active and serving as the ward secretary!! 
And another inactive lady that we visited started coming back to church and gave a talk week before last!! 
ah! Everything is so good!! 
Got your package!!!!! Thanks so much!! LOVED the sticky notes!!! hahaha. They are ALL over our house...... =] Best idea EVER.
Yesterday, we had something sad happen here in our area..... Our ward mission leader, Irmão Zequinha (the dad of the family with 11 kids that always takes care of us and helps us out....) had the beginning of a heart attack during sacrament meeting at church yesterday... He wasnt feeling well and went out by himself to go to the bathroom. Apparently he had the beginning of a heart attack in the doorway of the bathroom and fell. Then a kid from the branch found him and got help. They sent an ambulance and the whole family went out and they took him to the hospital. I guess he started to have another heart attack when they put him on the ambulance, but they gave him medication and it stopped..... 
Anyways. He is doing well now, but is in the hospital in another city---Bragança. They did a bunch of exams this morning and they´re gonna do a surgery to put in a pace-maker (I think...). 
Keep him and his family in your prayers this week. 

Gotta head out!
love you guys lots!!!

Sister Ward

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