Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All This Crazyness is Just Freakin Me Out (Jun 10)

this is weird.
pshhhhhhh. Deep breaths...... be calm. Okay.
Moving on now.
I dont have too much time to write today.... We had a goodbye party with all the sisters and Sister Perrotti today and now Sister Menden and I are using the very EXPENSIVE lan house here in the rodaviara in Campinas while we are waiting for our bus to go back to Atibaia.... In other words, we´re here for a little bit and then will be heading out and not actually getting back to our area till 8pm... funnnnnn. 
ALL the sisters and Sister Perrotti. GUYS, you have no idea who longgggg it took to take pictures with EVERYONE´s cameras..... uggggghhh. The things we go through for memories... hahah
But, very much worth it. Our get-together today was a last chance to see everyone before the mission will split at the end of this month.... As of right now, 8 sisters are on the side of the Piracicaba mission, with 14 sisters on the Campinas side.... If any other changes happen, it will just be small, emergency transfers to set things straight up until June 22nd or so...
As for my past companions, Sister Bispo will be in the new Piracicaba mission.... So today was a last goodbye!!
Me and my two "daughters"!!! Sister Bispo and Sister Menden!
Today was also weird because it was a moment of realization..... everyone saying goodbye, and realizing that, yep, maybe I won't see these people ever again. Cool.
Also, realizing that after the sister who will go home next month, ITS MY TURN. ACK!
So everyone was already wishing me a great life at home and all that jazz....... which kind of weirded me out. A lot.
Otherwise, this week was great.
We started teaching an AWESOME new investigator who will be getting baptized soon but I don't think I have time to talk all about her today..... She is engaged to a member and their family called us up saying "oh, so she wants to get baptized..... SUNDAY"....................... WHAT???!
Well, Sunday didnt work out, but here in the next couple weeks she will be getting baptized!! We´ve had some cool experiences teaching her already, but more about that to come.
Also, been reading the Book of Mormon a TON to make sure and finish it in Portuguese before I go home.... hahah. But it is crazy the experiences I´ve had this week because of my extra reading time...... Somehow, what I read in the morning ALWAYS applies to someone and what they need during that day..... Really cool. GO READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!
So, possibly, the bishop was in such a crazy rush that he forgot and didn't realize Luana was there..... but it all worked out in the end and Luana was able to get confirmed after the intermediate hymn... hahah.
Did I mention she got a SKIRT to start wearing to church???! She also brought her Bible and Book of Mormon to church in a little purse to be able to participate in all the classes better..... CUTEST THING EVER.
One of the girls in the ward that is preparing for a mission got her call this week!!! Isadora will be going to the Vitoria, Brasil mission on August 1st!!! It was very cool to be a part of the excitement when her call got here.... We actually got to see her open it, and I remembered when I was opening up my big envelope. hahah. SO NERVOUS!!
I´m so excited for all these young people heading out on missions!!!
gotta go.
Love you all!!!
Sister Ward

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