Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Week and CONFERENCIA GENERAL!!!! (Apr. 8)

Firstly, for any of you who didnt have the opportunity to watch conference you guys MISSED OUT!!!
BUT, thankfully, you can all go and watch it online!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here in Campinas 3, Sister Bispo and I had the awesome luck of getting to watch ALL FOUR sessions of general conference!! woot woot!
My companion, is a rockstar at speaking English btw.... dont know if I already said that.... and we started out watching in ENGLISH. It was probably the happiest 15 minutes of my weekend.... BUT, sadly, after the prophet spoke, Pres. Boyd K. Packer started speaking and since he speaks pretty softly/rasping/hard to understand even for us Americans, my companion couldnt handle it anymore and we watched all the rest of that session and the other sessions in Portuguese... Oh well. I got to hear President Monson try to say RIO DE JANEIRO and then laugh a little when my companion didnt even understand what city he said because he said it "Americanized".... oh brother..
BUT, speaking of temples in RIO DE JANEIRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one more temple in BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So exciting!
The people from Rio have been having to travel by BUS to get to the temple in Campinas (or sometimes São Paulo.... ) and now they will have a temple in THEIR CITY!!!  a temple in RIO! one of the poorest, dirtiest, big cities in Brasil! To get an idea about what I´m talking about, look up "favelas" in Rio de Janeiro and read up about Carnaval... This temple is gonna bless that place SO MUCH!! 
And a funny story..........
Last night, when Sister Bispo and I were finishing our weekly planning (wooooooo. I LOVE planning............. hahahahah. not. ) and doing our weekly "companionship inventory", I was sitting on my chair, leaning it back and putting my feet up on my desk... YEP, exactly how every parent gets mad at their child about three million times and tells them NOT to do that, or they will end up falling on their butt and/or breaking the chair.....
Well. As you can probably figure out, that was exactly what happened with me as well........... My chair slid backwards out from under me, and I fell on the ground, hitting my back pretty hard on the chair as I crashed down.......... CLEVER MOVE SISTER WARD.... It hurt a lot. And I laughed/started yelling in english for a few minutes lying there on the floor........ Sister Bispo enjoyed the show I think..... And I woke up today with a pretty bruise on my back... Nice one.
SO PARENTS, keep telling your kids to avoid doing that with their chairs.... it is really good advice. =]
And what else about this week..........
So, this week was fairly hard......... We are still having a hard time finding people to teach.......... Our investigators are falling away on almost a daily basis, but we´re trying to change what we´re doing to have more success. It is a little hard though, because Sister Bispo is "in training" and we have to practice teaching a lot, but we arent having the REAL experiences teaching during the day, just cause we arent finding good people to teach........ HMM. ah.
The few REALLY GOOD investigators that we found and taught, have kind of fallen off the wagon and are avoiding us a little bit.... BUT, we are praying for them a lot, and maybe this week, they´ll come around when we go to visit them again.....
REALLY, conference was EXACTLY what I was needing to keep from giving up and quitting this past week............ GUYS, go and watch it!!! It was soooooooooo good! I promise you, you will NOT regret using a little of your time this week to watch it!!
One of my favorite talks was Elder Holland´s..... YEP. Okay, so maybe his talks are always my favorites... but it was so PERFECTLY what I needed to hear.... Like, when he started speaking, it was like a smack in the face "COME ON sister ward, why arent you BELEIVING in the miracles that can happen in your area??! DONT GIVE UP!!" Yep. Kind of like that.
But, I really like the example he used from the story in Mark 9, about the man that takes his son that is posessed by an evil spirit to the apostles to have them cast the spirit out. The apostles tried, but werent able to cast out the spirit. Then Christ arrived and asked what was going on. They explained to him what was happening and the first thing he said was something like "OH YE FAITHLESS GENERATION..... How much longer do I have to put up with you??"  (okay, not exactly word for word... but you get the point...)
The father then explained the problem to Jesus and asked him DESPERATELY, "can you do ANYTHING???" Christ just answered him with a question "Do you believe???" And the man said "Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief...." THEN, Christ cast out the evil spirit and the boy was cured completely.
This story we can apply in our lives..... Do we believe that Christ has the power to cure us?? To help us through whatever challenge we are facing??? If we even believe just a LITTLE bit, and ask for His help, He will help us and cure us with the faith we have, regardless of the faith we lack....
Maybe we only have a DESIRE to believe... but if we use that desire to believe and ACT on it, our faith will grow until we have faith sufficient for the miracles to happen (ALMA 32:27)
We aren't going to have a PERFECT knowledge.... that isn't faith. But if we believe, He will help our "unbelief" or in other words, make up for what we lack.
GUYS, Jesus Christ LIVES. He worked miracles when He was here on this earth, and He can work MIRACLES in our lives today...... We just have to have the FAITH to ask Him.... even if it means we are going to ask Him for help and ask Him to give us the faith we lack for it to happen.
sorry I always run out of time to write back!! ah.
Sister Ward

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